Kal Kan Dog Food

Kal Kan Dog Food

Is Call Ear Dog Food Good? ۔

I was at Wal-Mart and there were only Porina, Benel, Cable's Ant and Olroy. So my family doesn't believe that all diseases are bad and can cause cancer, they just burst out laughing and told me to buy dog ​​food now. I've seen call dog food and it says chicken protein, crispy croquettes for teeth and omega 6s for shiny skin.

Tried to find something wrong on the internet but nothing? In fact, I found nothing! He also said there was no artificial flavor or color. Do you know more than dog food?

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Kindergarten O.o.

I do not know!

Laura, my family has already bought me. I am 13 years old

Kal Kan Dog Food