Justified Wage

Justified Wage,

Justified Wage means,

  1. Justified Wage can be defined as, Wage pay is related to the level of income determined by market dynamics, work experience, education and skills. A wage level is high enough to attract legitimate wages but low enough to provide employment to the employer. The difference between the legal wage and the legal minimum wage can depend on many factors, including the economic situation and the unemployment rate.

    • Fair pay is reasonable compensation for an employee who takes into account market and non-trading factors.
    • This is a wage that is usually higher than the minimum wage, but it also allows employers to actively seek and hire workers.
    • The nature of the work, the skills required, experience, assignments and the general economic climate all play a role in generating adequate wages.

Literal Meanings of Justified Wage


Meanings of Justified:
  1. Ownership, production or trade for any good or legal reason.

  2. Good deeds described before God.

  3. Adjusted to fill the print space evenly or draw a straight line on one or both sides.

Sentences of Justified
  1. Doctors are authorized to treat them

  2. He sees the religious expansion of his state as a form of blasphemy as a just, elected, and virtuous kingdom.

  3. Left attached text

Synonyms of Justified

legitimate, justified, warrantable, logical, well founded, defensible, defendable, reasonable, valid, well grounded, justifiable, warranted, sound


Meanings of Wage:
  1. Next (war or campaign)

  2. A fixed salary payment, usually paid daily or weekly by the employer to the employer, especially unskilled or manual workers.

Sentences of Wage
  1. We have to destroy your war ability

  2. We fight for better wages

Synonyms of Wage

honorarium, stipend, emolument, salary, prosecute, fee, execute, pay, undertake, go on with, carry on, payment, allowance, engage in, pursue, conduct, practise, devote oneself to, remuneration, proceed with