Definition of Justification:

  1. The action of declaring or making righteous in the sight of God.

  2. Manner of spacing words on a column or page so the rows are aligned in a specified way.

  3. Defendants lawful or sufficient reason for having acted (or having failed to act) what he or she is charged with. In a defamation case, the truthfulness of a defamatory statement is a sufficient justification to have made it.

  4. The action of showing something to be right or reasonable.

  5. The action or manner of justifying a line of type or piece of text.

Synonyms of Justification

Intertype, Linotype, Monotype, Account, Apologetic, Apologia, Beatification, Beatitude, Blessedness, Blessing, Canonization, Cold-type typesetting, Composing, Composing stick, Composition, Computerized typesetting, Consecration, Dedication, Defense, Defensibility, Devotion, Drumhead justice, Dueness, Dummy, Enshrinement, Equitableness, Equity, Evenhandedness, Exaltation, Furniture, Galley chase, Give-and-take, Glorification, Grace, Hallowing, Hot-metal typesetting, Imposition, Justice, Justifiability, Justifiableness, Justification by works, Justness, Lawfulness, Layout, Legality, Line of type, Measure for measure, Meetness, Nemesis, Photocomposition, Photosetting, Phototypesetter, Phototypesetting machine, Poetic justice, Properness, Propriety, Purification, Quoin, Rationale, Rationalization, Reason, Retributive justice, Right, Rightfulness, Rightness, Rude justice, Sainthood, Sainting, Sanctification, Scales of justice, Setting, Setting apart, Slug, State of grace, Summary justice, Typesetting, Typesetting machine, Warrantability, Warrantedness, What is right

How to use Justification in a sentence?

  1. While murder can occasionally be excused without sacrificing ones morals, there is absolutely no justification for rape; murder can defend you or a loved one, but rape can never be committed for a noble cause.
  2. The woman charged with driving under the influence used the justification that it was St. Patricks day and she was only driving because she was taking her friend to get her stomach pumped.
  3. This article will provide information about each type of justification and how it can be used with Arabic script languages.
  4. The Bible describes the act of justification as a declaration of righteousness upon a heart that is not righteous.
  5. The justification of revolutionary action.
  6. The fact that the victim had molested the defendants child was used by the defense as her justification for shooting him.

Meaning of Justification & Justification Definition