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Cancel account reply only? 3

Hi Jaisley,

This page can help you.


Cancel reply account only?

Just answer the Pne number.

Reply to subscription only.

Can I cancel?

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Bill; 31. For MAC subscriptions. جواب 5 for answer.

I looked at the account and left. I didn't get an answer. NO or MAC

It says unsubscribe from such links ... but none of them exist. PNE numbers are premium ... and chat support is not online.

Full ■■■■!

I spent £ 61 and if I receive a penny (I did not sign up on purpose) I will sue. It's a given!

I did not know that I am charged every month and I want to cancel my membership.

Please cancel my account. I don't want to continue my free trial, which should be free. Little did I know that I would pledge a 56.00 monthly subscription. Free trial and cancel my account.

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