Just To Be Your Man

Just To Be Your Man

Who originally sang just to be your husband?

Josh TurnerHey, who just wrote to be your man?

Chris Stapleton Jace Everett Chris DuBoisBoWhat is Josh Turner's net worth?

Josh Turner Net Worth: Josh Turner is an American country singer and actor with a net worth of $ 17 million. Josh Turner made his fortune in the world of acting and music.

Simply put, when did Josh Turner release your husband?

2005When was your husband released?


Which country singer has a deep voice?

Scotty McCreery's deep voice helped him win season 10 of American Idol and start his career as a country musician. Other famous country singers with deep vocals include Blake Shelton, Jamey Johnson, and Jim Reeves.

Why is Josh Turners going so far?

Country artist Josh Turner is known for his deep, smooth voice, which took four of his singles to number 1. When he was 20, an injury to his vocal cords impaired his ability to sing. He didn't need an operation, but he received therapy to fix his voice.

How old is Josh Turner?

Age 42 (November 20, 1977)

What happened to country singer Josh Turner?

A bus carrying country singer Josh Turners' troupe left the bank after leaving a show in Paso Robles, California, killing sound engineer David Turner and hospitalizing seven other people.

Who recorded Long Black Train?

Who originally wrote Long Black Train?

Josh Turner

Who Married Josh Turner?

Jennifer Ford

​​Who wrote I Serve a Savior?

Josh Turners

Where did Josh Turner go in high school?

Belmont University

What kind of guitar does Josh Turner play?

What was the time in key when I was your husband?

This song is played at 72 beats per minute (Adagio) or 18 gates / bars per minute.

When was the man in range?

Title: When I was your man
Of: Bruno Mars
Tools: Voice, extension: G4C6 C instrument
Result: Lyrics / Melody / Leadsheet Chords
Key originally issued: C major

Just To Be Your Man