Definition of Jury:

  1. Judge (craft fair or exhibition).

  2. A group of randomly selected citizens (called a jury) gave them the power to decide and assess the facts of a legal dispute before them. Although the judge decides the legal case and summarizes the evidence presented by the prosecution and the defense, the jury must decide the facts before them and if he is innocent, the defendant must pay compensation. Proved without a doubt. He is the sole judge of witness credibility and his role is as important as that of a judge. In some cases, a unanimous decision is required; in other cases, a majority decision is accepted. If the jury does not decide, they will be released and the judge will order a new trial (with a new jury selection).

  3. A group of people (usually twelve) swore to make a decision based on the evidence presented in court.

How to use Jury in a sentence?

  1. The exhibition was set up by a tapestry designer.
  2. The jury agreed.

Meaning of Jury & Jury Definition



People are elected and empowered by law to investigate facts and make decisions. A mediocre jury is a judicial jury of 6 to 12 people who discuss civil or criminal matters.

Meanings of Jury

  1. A group of people (usually twelve) decided to sue based on the evidence presented in court.

  2. Judge (art or craft exhibition or exhibition)

  3. Temporary or temporary (of poles or other equipment).

Sentences of Jury

  1. The jury agreed

  2. The exhibition has been sworn in with tapestries

  3. We need to fix the jury wheel

Synonyms of Jury

temporary, provisional, interim, pro tem, short-term, working, makeshift, improvised, emergency, impromptu, rough and ready