Jury List

Jury List,

What is The Meaning of Jury List?

  1. A list that includes the names of judges who have been assigned to hear the case or who have been summoned to appear.

Literal Meanings of Jury List


Meanings of Jury:
  1. Jury (art or craft exhibition or exhibition)

  2. A group of people (usually twelve people) who have sworn to rule on the basis of the evidence presented in court.

  3. (Pole or other arrangement) Insomnia or temporary.

Sentences of Jury
  1. This display is measured by an upholstery

  2. The jury unanimously returned the sentence

  3. We need to fix the steering wheel

Synonyms of Jury

working, emergency, improvised, makeshift, rough and ready, short-term, interim, provisional, impromptu, temporary, pro tem


Meanings of List:
  1. Make a list of

  2. Prepare for military service.

  3. Multiple elements or related names are written or hidden one after the other, mostly under one.

  4. Obstacles that limit the area for the Knights tournament.

  5. The end of the piece of cloth.

  6. Tilting to one side, usually due to leakage or unbalanced load.

  7. An example of a plane tilting to one side.

  8. You want to love

  9. Desire or inclination.

Sentences of List
  1. I have listed four reasons below.

  2. See list of drugs on page 326

  3. The boat is poorly registered

  4. The walls of the gallery stand at an angle to the sea floor to reflect the sailboat bounce.

Synonyms of List

inventory, keel over, ticket, enter, heel, lean, slope, bank, pitch, table, register, listicle, make a list of, be at an angle, careen, note down, checklist, tabulation, toss, index