Definition of Juror:

  1. Citizen serving as a member of jury. He or she is usually selected from the electoral register of a constituency within the courts jurisdiction. He or she must swear to answer all questions (posed by the judge or the involved lawyers) truthfully, and give a verdict according to the merits of the evidence presented. Reasons for which a person may not be selected as a juror include (1) personal knowledge of the case, (2) prejudice about the issues to be tried, (3) close relationship with the either opposing party, or (4) a business relationship with one of the involved lawyers.

  2. A member of a jury.

How to use Juror in a sentence?

  1. If you ever get called to be a juror you should take in every piece of information impartially and make the correct decision.
  2. The juror was present and conscious throughout the trial so we were confident in the result being in our favor.
  3. I went on trial the other day, and they called in twelve juror s, members representing my peers who would decide without prejudice, whether or not I was guilty.
  4. A basic predicate of jury service is the jurors ability to render a fair and impartial verdict.

Meaning of Juror & Juror Definition