Definition of Jurisprudence:

  1. The theory or philosophy of law.

  2. Study of the principles and theories on which a legal system is founded, as opposed to study of the legal system itself.

Synonyms of Jurisprudence

Law, Body of laws, Constitution, Rules, Rulings, Regulations, Acts, Bills, Statutes, Enactments, Charters, Ordinances, Measures, Canon, Code

How to use Jurisprudence in a sentence?

  1. Corinnes lifelong fascination with all things courtroom-related virtually guaranteed shed pursue some career in jurisprudence , but no one knew what that would be yet.
  2. The law students were disappointed when on the first day the professor say that they would be going over jurisprudence first before they would get to the current legal system of today.
  3. After the court delivered what the woman deemed an unfair verdict, she decided to study up on environmental law and its jurisprudence and try fighting her case from another angle.
  4. Only Richard Hooker can count as a precursor, and then merely in one limited branch of philosophy, that of jurisprudence.

Meaning of Jurisprudence & Jurisprudence Definition