Definition of Jurisdiction:

  1. Formal decision-making power and legal decisions.

  2. The authority or right of a legal or political entity to exercise its authority over an individual, subject or area. Jurisdiction over a person who has the respect to take him to court as a defendant. Responsibility for this subject refers to the power derived from the constitution or law of the country to consider a particular matter. Jurisdiction refers to the geographical area over which the courts have jurisdiction to decide. If two courts have jurisdiction over the same issue at the same time, then there is jurisdiction at the same time.

Synonyms of Jurisdiction

Office, Protectorship, Sphere of influence, Circuit, Raj, Auspices, Dominion, Devolvement, Executorship, Responsibility, Regentship, Round, Zenith, Factorship, Wardship, Warrant, Control, Highest, Lawfulness, Keeping, Helm, Command, Be-all and end-all, Commission, Ward, Top spot, Orbit, Presidency, Judicial circuit, Assignment, Guidance, Reign, Hand, First place, Accountability, Iron hand, Vicarious authority, Directorship, Might, Demesne, Trust, New high, Bossing, Province, Control, Legitimacy, Empowerment, Authorization, Legation, Stewardship, Administration, Errand, Dominion, Management, Commitment, Limits, Agentship, Prerogative, Record, Empire, Plenipotentiary power, Brevet, Oversight, Custodianship, Actionability, Territory, Paramountcy, Delegated authority, Proxy, Watch and ward, Bounds, Mission, Precinct, Guardianship, Tutelage, Strings, Due process, Task, Realm, Applicability, Power, Leadership, Reach, Devolution, Palms, Consignment, Exequatur, Sway, Power of attorney, Hemisphere, Intendance, Leadership, Border, Eye, Sway, Championship, Influence, Height, Ministry, Embassy, Primacy, Mandate, Full power, Domination, Effectiveness, Acme, Headship, Field, Beat, Lieutenancy, Deputation, Range, Department, Grasp, Governance, Mastery, Justiciability, Hold, Grip, Power, Authority, License, Government, Patronage, Compass, Authority, Procuration, Kingship, Regency, Sovereignty, Superintendence, Domain, Legalism, Legality, Circle, Ne plus ultra, Constitutional validity, Claws, Walk, Pastorage, Legal process, Clutches, Licitness, Delegation, Most, Wing, Supremacy, Empery, Hegemony, Entrustment, Pastorate, Purview, Maximum, Talons, Cure, Rule, Validity, Hands, Scope, Surveillance, Sphere, Ascendancy, Mastery, Arena, District, Ascendancy, Imperium, Constitutionality, Pastorship, Administration, Regnancy, First prize, Sovereignty, Lordship, Legitimateness, Gripe, Blue ribbon, Safe hands, Mastership, Confines, Power to act, Entrusting, Hegemony, March, Ambit, Say, Custody, Trusteeship, Orb, Reins of government, Care, Agency, Rightfulness, Justice, Command, Area, Supervision, Legal form, Constitutionalism, Commissioning, Pale, Rule, Disposition, Bailiwick, Charge, Wardenship, Borderland

How to use Jurisdiction in a sentence?

  1. The case was beyond his jurisdiction and he knew it, but he was so curious that the investigation into the crime was ongoing.
  2. For the Sixth Circuit, the United States Court of Appeals used its jurisdiction to investigate allegations by one of the defendants that an earlier decision violated their procedural rights.
  3. Federal courts have no jurisdiction over these cases.
  4. Canadian courts have ruled that they have no jurisdiction over two of their citizens who were charged with fraud in Oregon.

Meaning of Jurisdiction & Jurisdiction Definition