Definition of Junket:

  1. A dish of sweetened and flavored curds of milk, often served with fruit.

  2. Attend or go on a trip or celebration at public expense.

  3. An extravagant trip or celebration, in particular one enjoyed by a government official at public expense.

  4. Business and/or pleasure trip taken at somebody elses expense.

Synonyms of Junket

Charlotte, Campaign, Carrot pudding, Chocolate mousse, Circuit, Course, Custard, Duff, Excursion, Expedition, Flan, Grand tour, Jaunt, Journey, Mousse, Outing, Package tour, Peregrination, Pilgrimage, Pleasure trip, Plum pudding, Progress, Pudding, Rennet, Round trip, Roundabout, Rubberneck tour, Run, Safari, Sally, Shoot, Stalk, Steamed pudding, Syllabub, Tapioca pudding, Tour, Trek, Trifle, Trip, Turn, Vanilla pudding, Voyage, Social gathering, Gathering, Social occasion, Social event, Social function, Function, Get-together, Celebration, Reunion, Festivity, Jamboree, Reception, At-home, Soirée, Social

How to use Junket in a sentence?

  1. A plate of junket.
  2. Sometimes you may give out a junket as a prize so people will start talking about your business and what it offers.
  3. Some companies will offer a junket if you buy enough of their product to try and increase the likelihood of a big sale.
  4. My friend explained to me how he was a junket employee and would often go on vacations and leave everyone else hanging.

Meaning of Junket & Junket Definition