Junk mail

Junk mail,

Definition of Junk mail:

  1. Unwanted or unsolicited advertising or promotional material received through the mail or by email.

  2. Unsolicited mail sent out usually by direct marketing or direct mail firms. Used mainly for introducing new products, books and magazines, investment opportunities, merchandise catalogs, etc., junk mail is big business in industrialized countries especially the US, UK, and Canada. Unsolicited email is called spam.

Synonyms of Junk mail

Printed matter, Brochures, Leaflets, Pamphlets, Circulars, Flyers, Handouts, Handbills, Mailshots, Bulletins, Documentation, Publicity, Blurb, Notices, Information, Data, Facts

How to use Junk mail in a sentence?

  1. The junk mail was never forwarded to the attorney as the secretary was directly told never to forward those messages.
  2. All of the junk mail that I receive goes directly into the recycling bin, and will probably just go back to making more junk mail .
  3. Our company does not send out junk mail because many people simply throw it away and the cost of the mailings far outweigh the revenue generated by it.

Meaning of Junk mail & Junk mail Definition