Junior Security

Junior Security,

Junior Security Definition:

  • Junior Security means, Lower bonds are bonds that have a lower priority than other bonds in terms of issuer income or assets.

    • Subdued bonds prioritize the display of assets or earnings over senior bonds.
    • For example, the price of a common stock is lower, while the price of a bond is higher.
    • In bankruptcy proceedings, the first preferred rule is that the holders of blocked bonds should be returned only in that case. When all other capital providers have been returned.

Literal Meanings of Junior Security


Meanings of Junior:
  1. Someone who is a few years younger than others.

  2. A person whose position or status is inferior to others.

  3. One size fits all teens or thin women.

  4. Through, for the appointment of young people or young people.

  5. Lower or lower rank or degree.

Sentences of Junior
  1. She is five years younger

  2. Office Juniors

  3. Junior tennis

  4. Part of my job is to supervise my subordinates.

Synonyms of Junior

low-ranking, girl Friday, secondary, stooge, subordinate, minion, lackey, right-hand woman, deputy, retainer, serf, right-hand man, vassal, assistant, factotum, minor, younger, hireling, subject, flunkey, lesser, myrmidon, youngest, junior, lower, servant


Meanings of Security:
  1. The condition in which a person is safe from danger or danger.

  2. Assets that are deposited or pledged as security for the fulfillment of any such obligation or repayment of a loan will be forfeited in a pre-determined condition.

  3. Certificate of competency

  4. Private police guarding buildings, campuses, parks, etc.

Sentences of Security
  1. This system is designed to provide maximum protection against toxic emissions.

  2. Until this feature is completed, the price tag is used as a collateral.

  3. The new rules also make it more attractive to remove mutual funds, stocks, bonds and other securities.

  4. Police, private security and volunteers are in large numbers to investigate the incidents.

Synonyms of Security

shares, investments, safety measure, holdings, provision, shelter, prophylactic, protection, pledge, precaution, surety, indemnity, buffer, bond, defence, bonds, equities, screen, security, insurance, guard, guarantee, collateral, preventive