Junior Debt

Junior Debt,

What is The Meaning of Junior Debt?

  1. Junior debt refers to bonds or other forms of debt that are issued by default, with a lower repayment priority than other high-priority loans. Because of this, subdued notes pose a risk to investors and therefore earn higher interest rates than senior issuers.

    • Junior debt refers to bonds or other debt securities that are issued with less priority than senior debt securities.
    • Subordinate duties, also known as subordinate obligations, are settled only in the event of late payment or bankruptcy after full payment of senior obligations.
    • Unlike senior loans, junior loans generally do not support any type of suicide.
    • Because of these characteristics, subordinated liabilities are risk averse and have higher interest rates than senior liabilities.

Literal Meanings of Junior Debt


Meanings of Junior:
  1. Someone who is a few years younger than others.

  2. A person whose position or status is inferior to others.

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  5. Lower or lower rank or degree.

Sentences of Junior
  1. She is five years younger

  2. Office Juniors

  3. Junior tennis

  4. Part of my job is to supervise my subordinates.

Synonyms of Junior

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Meanings of Debt:
  1. Some, usually money, loans or debts.

Synonyms of Debt

tally, account, amount due, money owing, bill, financial obligation, outstanding payment