Jump On It Song

Jump On It Song

Want to sing Tento Jump on it?

This song wants you.

It is called Apache after the Sugharhal gang.

This page can help you.

Come back:

Want to sing Tento Jump on it?

I'm not sure who the artist is or if the song is really called that, but everyone knows how to sing and dance. Thank you very much!

™ â ™

Pointer Sisters or Van Hallen with David Lee Roth (yes I know it's a different song!)

The townspeople praised the Sugharhal gang and their real name is Apache

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! ! !


Fool, jump on it, jump on it, jump on it ...

Chemosa, jump, jump, jump ...

Pollution, jumping on it, jumping on it, jumping on it ...

Apache, jump on it, jump on it, wow wow wow !!


[G Bank Hank]

I'm not a bank, I'm the boss

I am abused but I will be short

I never need a CSR, I like to relax

So I'm driving in my new cell

My tribe goes to the Hall of Fame

Because I'm one with James

I can never break for a pound

(B Bank!) No sir, I'm not kidding

Wow wow wow wow !! !

Wow wow wow wow wow !!


[Professor G]

Like kimosa,

Be better than Guru Ji

One team knows the danger

When cutting the rapper ranger

I talked to my doctor a little bit

He said taking it easy

For girls who want to join my tribe

Just follow my pace and feel your mood

Give it a try, you will agree in the end

My clothes when you get home

Like I said, can you feel threatened?

When the rapper Ranger bites you

When Silver and I made our way

Get out of the way

I will run the peak again

Hi Silver, that's what I said!

! ! Wow wow wow!

Hit the gang!

! ! ! ايؤوواوووو!


[Miracle Microphone]

Pavo just try to move

The tips of the fingers at rest

Keep swinging like we say corn

(What is it?) Popcorn

Yours sincerely, Boogie

Woogie, I bet you want to dance

And you can test me at my request

I stop you from your tricks

Kimosa did this, took off the mask

He started his session and made Monster Mesh

The fool came, he saw what was happening

His head began to move his legs to clap

Crash, drown, do

And my smoke signal works with the microphone

You are on a very accurate record:

What you are hearing right now is not proof of that!


Agagagaga (2 x)

[RAW (No Aga Line]]

[Cross (music simply absent)

Jump On It Song