Julie Lauren Curtis

|Full Name| Julie Lauren Curtis ||
| — | — | — | — |
|Height|5 foot 4 inches||
|Weight|65 KG||
|Country is Born| the United States ||

Julie Lauren Curtis came to the limelight as being the ex-wife of a well-known American musician and actor, Trace Adkins. She was introduced to the world as Trace Adkins’s second wife and they lived together for almost three years. She had also banged her husband, but fortunately, he was saved.
julie louris curtis

Julie Lauren Curtis:

Julie Lauren Curtis was an ordinary personality until her name was linked with the famous American TV celebrity, Musician, and actor Trace Adkins. She is recognized widely as being the celebrity ex-wife. Talking about her ex-husband, Trace Adkins is a well-known musician who started his music career in 1996. Both Julie and Trace knew each other for a long time before their marriage and they got married because they were in deep love with each other; however, their marriage didn’t last long and they were soon separated after spending three years together. We will discuss it but before that, let’s have a debate on Julie’s bio and early life. She is as pretty as Gina Carano.


Julie Lauren Curtis’s exact date of birth is not known yet. She was born and brought up somewhere in United States of America.


As her exact date of birth is not revealed, therefore, her exact age can’t be determined. It seems that she is in her middle 50s.

Zodiac sign:

Her zodiac sign is not known yet.


Julie belongs to the White Caucasian ethnicity.


Julie holds an American nationality

Body measurements:

Julie Curtis displays a very good posture and an influencing personality. Here are some of her body measurements that are known exactly.

  • Height: Julie is around 5ft, 4in tall.
  • Weight: Julie weighs approximately 65 kg.
  • Eye Color: Julie’s eye color is dark brown.
  • Hair color: Julie’s hair color is also dark brown.


Julie hasn’t told anything about her education and degree in the limelight, until the present.


She hasn’t left any clue about her profession. However, it is said that she is a salesperson by profession.

Marital status:

Her marital status is divorced. Her ex-husband is Trace Adkins. Currently, she is single.


Though she was married to Trace, Julie hasn’t any child yet.

Julie Lauren Curtis’s early life:

Julie hasn’t disclosed anything to the limelight regarding her early life. No one knows anything about her early life, her education and qualification, her family background, and her parents and siblings. As she isn’t any high profile TV celebrity and she just rose to fame by getting married to Trace Adkins so, things about her early life were not taken into much higher accounts by the public as she was an ordinary person before her marriage and also now leading an ordinary life after her divorce. Furthermore, she also hasn’t shared anything about her early life by herself.

Julie Lauren Curtis’s career and professional life:

As we have discussed earlier that Julie hasn’t revealed anything about her early life and education, she has also not told anything about her earlier and current profession. However, there were some rumors that Julie is a salesperson by profession but as she hasn’t confirmed it by herself, we can’t say anything.

Talking about her ex-husband’s career and profession, Trace Adkins is a famous American musician who rose to fame with his first single “There’s a Girl in Texas”. After gaining tremendous success through his first step, he soon launched his debut album “Dreamin’ Out loud” which was a remarkable hit on the charts. Trace Adkins has a very shining Music career. During his almost twenty-year-long career, he launched his seven albums and two “Greatest Hits” compilations. Although, most of his singles have ruled over charts but some of these were quite highlighted which brought a great contribution to his success and fame. These include his single “No Thinkin’ Thing” released in 1997, “Ladies Love Country Boys” released in 2007, and “You’re Gonna Miss This” released in 2008. Apart from being a superb musician, he has also made his name as an actor by Guest appearances and playing supporting roles in various TV shows. Moreover, he was also the winner of “Celebrity Apprentice” in 2013.

Julie Lauren Curtis’s married life:

Julie Lauren Curtis and Trace Adkins met for the first time in 1989. It was also in the same year that the two started dating each other. After having a dating relationship for two years, they got married to each other on 3rd February 1991. According to them, it was a very joyous moment for them. However, their marriage didn’t last long and they got divorced three years later in 1994. The reason behind their partition is not known yet. They do not have any child from their marriage. After her divorce from Trace, Julie is living a very private life and has not revealed whether she is dating someone else or not. It’s not clear whether she has founded a good partner for herself or not as she is keeping it low-key. It might be said that Julie is concentrating on her professional life and is not thinking much about her personal life. Moreover, she is not seen with any guy in the media.

However, her ex-husband isn’t single. He had two daughters from his first marriage with his high school sweetheart, Barbara Lewis. After his divorce, he tied the knot with Julie Lauren Curtis and after getting divorced from her, he got married to a publicity manager, Rhonda Farlow in 1997. They have three daughters from their marriage. After fifteen years of their marriage, they filed for divorce in June 2015. Then in 2019, he got married to a Canadian actress, Victoria Pratt. Their wedding was held in Louisiana.

Julie Lauren Curtis Shoots Trace Adkins:

Julie Lauren had shot her ex-husband with a ■■■. It was in February 1994, they were having a heated quarrel regarding Trace’s drinking habit and it soon became harsh. Julie grabbed the phone to call out her mother but he crashed the phone off the wall. Being at the peak of anger, Julie grasped the .38 ■■■ which was lying on the fridge, and pointed at him. He tried to snatch it from her hands but failed and the bullet went out from the ■■■ and got into his body.

Trace mentioned:
“Being a macho guy like I am, I tried to scare it out of her hands, I said, ‘Give me the ■■■, or I am gonna take it away from you and beat your ■■■■ brains out with it.’ I would never have done that, but I told her in hopes that it would scare her”.
“The bullet went through both my lungs and both ventricles of my heart.”

Is Trace Adkins still alive?

It was nearly a catastrophic gunshot in which his both lungs and heart were attacked and almost killed him. Luckily, he was immediately sent to a health care facility where doctors did their level best to save him. But astonishingly, he made his mind to not take any charge against Julie. The couple parted their ways after that incident.

In his autobiography, he has mentioned the Gunshot incident:
“The doctors held little hope that I would survive and told my family and friends to go in and say goodbye”.
Although it was a killing incident for him, Trace has faced many such incidents in his life. He had got many serious injuries on his ribs, lungs, and nose in a truck accident. Also, he suffered a serious knee injury while he was in college.

Julie Lauren Curtis’s net worth:

Julie Lauren is famous as the celebrity ex-wife of a well-recognized musician who keeps her professional and personal life private. She might have saved a big amount of money during her entire career but since her profession is not known, we can’t say anything about her net worth and salary. It is said that her estimated net worth might be somewhere around $500,000 as of 2021.

On the other hand, her ex-husband, Trace Adkins, is a famous musician he has grabbed a big amount of wealth. As of 2020, his net worth is estimated at around $19 million.

Julie Lauren Curtis Social media presence:

As written earlier, Julie isn’t a social woman. She is leading her life quite low-key and private. The same thing applies to her social media presence as well. She is rarely active on her social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. She does not share any photos or videos on her social media accounts.

Summary: :writing_hand:
Julie Lauren Curtis came to the limelight after becoming the second wife of Trace Adkins. Julie hasn’t discussed anything about her early life as well as about her education and profession. She was married to Trace Adkins but soon got divorced. She had also shot him by ■■■. Her net worth is not known. She is not active on social media.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are some questions that are asked frequently by the fans of Julie Lauren Curtis want to know and they are as follows.

1.How rich is Julie Lauren Curtis?

As it is mentioned Julie Lauren Curtis earned a little amount of money from her career her profession is not mentioned yet her calculated net worth is $500 thousand as of the year 2020. Besides that, her husband was a singer and he has earned a lot up till now and he has a net worth of $19 million.

2.How many times does Julie Lauren Curtis’s Ex-husband got married?

Julie Lauren Curtis’s Ex-Husband Trace married three times. He married the first time to Barbara Lewis.

The second time he got married to Julie Curtis.

The third time Julie Lauren got married to publicity manager Rhonda Forlaw.

3.Does Trace Adkins have a son?

His first wife Barbara Lewis Adkins has 2 daughters name Tarah and Sarah and his third wife Rhonda Forlaw has 3 daughters name Mackenzie, Trinity, and Brianna.


Although, Julie Lauren Curtis had gained some fame as being a celebrity ex-wife, yet she decided to lead a very private and low-key life after getting divorced. This is the reason why no one knows much about her current life. Also, her current relationship isn’t known.

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Julie Lauren Curtis acknowledged for being the ex of Trace Adkins. Also, she rose to notoriety exclusively when acquiring wedded to her far-acclaimed country artist Adkins. Likewise, she came into Trace’s life as his second better half, and that they were along for basically 3 years.

In addition, the couple has effectively isolated from each other anyway still, Trace’s fans square measure scrutinizing the United Nations office is Julia.

Day to day Life

Julie Lauren botanist was conceived inside u. s. of America. She has not unconcealed her way of life nor concerning her family and kin. She stands firm on an Associate in Nursing yank situation and Caucasian quality.

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Talking concerning her schooling history, there are no information concerning Julie’s scholastic capability.

Excursion Of Life

There is no information concerning her profession. Follow Adkins, United Nations organization could be a far-acclaimed yank country artist and entertainer. Moreover, Adkins conjointly made his introduction inside the year1996 with the collection Dreamin’ out loud, released on Capitol Records capital of Tennessee. From that point forward, Adkins has conjointly released 10 a ton of studio collections and 2 Greatest Hits arrangements.

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Julie Lauren botanist shoots Trace Adkins

During their wedding, the couple got into a conversation concerning Trace’s drinking propensities. By then Julie attempted to choice Trace’s mom anyway he takes the telephone from her and crushed it into the divider because of his resentment.

Julie gets panics of Trace’s resentment and snatched the .38 weapon that was lying on the fridge. From that point forward, she pointed the weapon at Trace in any case, Trace attempted to unnerve her a ton of, and gratitude to that Julie chimney the firearm that went through every one of his lungs and every ventricle of his heart.

After the close lethal shot occurrence, Trace was rushed to a nearby medical care office. Follow was fortunate by then that the specialists figured out how to save heaps of him. Notwithstanding, he conjointly made the decision to not press any charges against his significant other, Julie. It seems like he achieved his mix-up and it would be the clarification he didn’t charge any record against Julie. At the point when the occurrence, the couple got single and isolated.

How Rich Is Julie Lauren Curtis?

There is no information concerning Julie’s web worth and ordinary installment. Her ex’s web esteem is around $19 million.

Net worth Salary

$19 million Under survey

Reports and Gossip

She keeps her own life individual and conjointly doesn’t let the information outside. Moreover, there aren’t any bits of gossip and slant concerning Julie. At present, Julie is work in her vocation as opposed to including in slant.

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Individual Life

Julie Lauren botanist began compound examination inside the year 1989. Additionally, there are no information concerning notwithstanding and once the couple met anyway once they saw each other the couple like a shot fall dotty. At that point, when 2 years since their substance examination life, the couple at long last set to require their relationship to the following level.

Also, the couple at last tied their bunch in Feb 1991. Likewise, two or three orders their wedding function in an individual service any place they exclusively welcomed their companion and family. At that point, the couple remained along for a very long time alongside when their wedding. Likewise, in the middle of their wedding, the couple didn’t share any youths in their day to day existence. Notwithstanding, the couple at long last got single inside the year 1994.

Julie Lauren Curtis: Body Status

She has earthy colored hair and eyes. In any case, Julie’s stature, weight, shoe sizes, and so forth square measure obscure.

Online Media Followers

She isn’t dynamic on any friendly destinations like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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About Trace Adkins

Tracy Darrell Adkins was brought into the world on January 13, 1962, in Springhill, Louisiana. Music was a piece of his life since the beginning. His dad showed him how to play the guitar as a youth, and when he arrived at his high schooler years, he joined a gospel bunch called the New Commitments.

In the wake of graduating secondary school, he dealt with an oil rig. While at work, he was attempting to open a basin when he cut his finger off. At the point when the specialist reattached it, Trace asked that it be done so he would in any case have the option to play guitar.

American nation vocalist and entertainer Trace Adkins has a total assets of $20 million dollars, starting at 2021. He made his presentation in 1996 with the Dreamin’ Out Loud down home collection.

Nashville Bound

Follow advanced toward Nashville in the mid 1990s, where he played at different ■■■■■ tonks. A Capitol Records executive saw him at one of his shows and marked him to a record bargain.

Follow delivered his presentation collection, Dreaming Out Loud, in 1996. The primary single, There’s A Girl in Texas, topped at No. 20. Three extra singles were delivered: Every Light in the House (No. 3), I Left Something Turned On At Home (No. 2), and his first No. 1, (This Ain’t No) Thinkin’ Thing. The collection gave Trace a platinum record.

After the solid singles of his first collection, he had less accomplishment with his second and third collections, Big Time and that’s just the beginning.

In 2001, Trace delivered Chrome, which acquired him three Top 20 singles, with I’m Tryin’ (No. 6), Help Me Understand (No. 17), and the title cut, which topped at No. 10.

Most prominent Hits

In 2003, Trace delivered Greatest Hits, Vol. 1. The year additionally saw the arrival of Comin’ On Strong. Follow was back on a move, as Then They Do, from the Greatest Hits assortment crested at No. 9, at that point the two singles from Comin’ On Strong — Hot Mama and Rough and Ready — topped at No. 5 and No. 13 individually. Follow finished off the year with his acceptance into the Grand Ole Opry.

Melodies About Me was delivered in 2005, with the impactful single, Arlington. The tune recounts the story from the perspective of a fighter slaughtered in war who is to be covered at Arlington National Cemetery. There was discussion with the melody where some military families with fighters serving in the Middle East felt that it hit excessively up close and personal, so the tune was pulled after it crested at No. 16. The following tune to be delivered from the collection was an all out 180 in content. That melody was ■■■■■ Tonk Badonkadonk, which climbed right to No. 2, and surprisingly arrived at No. 30 on the Pop outlines.

In 2006, Trace delivered his seventh studio collection, Dangerous Man. It was from this collection that Trace procured his second No. 1 tune, with Ladies Love Country Boys.

A second Greatest Hits collection was delivered in 2007, and alongside it, Trace procured another No. 1, as You’re Gonna Miss This turned into his third No. 1 tune. He likewise delivered his first book, entitled A Personal Stand: Observations and Opinions from a Free-Thinking Roughneck.

Superstar Apprentice

In 2008, Trace consented to do Celebrity Apprentice, with his foundation being the Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network. His young little girl Brianna experiences food sensitivities, which is the thing that provoked him to pick that cause. He made it to the number two situation on the show, however Donald Trump chose to enlist Piers Morgan.

The primary single, Muddy Water, from Trace’s X was delivered in fall 2008. The collection was delivered on November 25.

Follow made his film debut in An American Carol, which was delivered around Christmas of 2008.

Tracy Darrell Adkins was conceived January 13, 1962 in Springhill, LA. His Contemporary nation style is viewed as like that of Darryl Worley and Chris Cagle.

What amount is Trace Adkins worth?

American blue grass music craftsman, Trace Adkins has an expected total assets of $19 million.

Follow Adkins helped keep the country’s conservative fire consuming during the hybrid glad late ‘90s by blending exemplary ■■■■■ tonk with components of gospel, blues, and rock and roll. Adkins was brought into the world in the little Louisiana town of Sarepta in 1962, and he took up guitar exercises at an early age; he proceeded to contemplate music at Louisiana Tech, where he likewise played football and dealt with a seaward oil rig subsequent to graduating.

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