Judicial Precedent

Judicial Precedent,

What is Judicial Precedent?

  1. Court decisions are first made for a particular type of case and then generally used as a future authority.

Literal Meanings of Judicial Precedent


Meanings of Judicial:
  1. Appropriate by or through a court or judge.

Sentences of Judicial
  1. Judicial inquiry into the allegations

Synonyms of Judicial

forensic, judiciary, judicatory, jurisdictive, juridical, legal


Meanings of Precedent:
  1. Past events or actions that serve as examples or guides for further reflection in similar situations.

  2. Before time, order or importance

Sentences of Precedent
  1. There is an important example of the use of interactive media in education.

Synonyms of Precedent

previous case, late, one-time, sometime, model, as was, erstwhile, pattern, prior example, prior case, previous example, exemplar, prior instance, example, previous instance