Judicial Foreclosure

Judicial Foreclosure,

What Does Judicial Foreclosure Mean?

  1. Prediction refers to the process of making a prediction about a property in which the mortgage does not have a sales force clause and, therefore, is presented in court.

    • The process of confiscating property through the judicial system is premeditated.
    • This type of foreclosure usually occurs when the mortgage bond does not include a sales force clause that legally allows the mortgagee to sell the property in the event of default.
    • Judicial confiscation is usually a lengthy process that can take months or years.

Literal Meanings of Judicial Foreclosure


Meanings of Judicial:
  1. By, or according to the court or judge.

Sentences of Judicial
  1. Judicial investigation of these allegations

Synonyms of Judicial

juridical, forensic, judicatory, legal, judiciary, jurisdictive


Meanings of Foreclosure:
  1. When the mortgage lender fails to meet the mortgage payments, take ownership of the secured property.

Sentences of Foreclosure
  1. Help mortgage borrowers in forecasting