Definition of Judgment:

  1. The decision of the government court after the trial. In civil affairs, decisions determine the rights and claims of each party. In criminal cases, the sentence includes a sentence (or less) and, if the defendant is convicted, a sentence. A decision can also be the basis of a court decision. It can be presented as an authority and as a precedent in other similar cases. Also called order. It is also written as a decision.

  2. A shame or condemnation that was considered divine punishment.

  3. Ability to make wise decisions or draw reasonable conclusions.

Synonyms of Judgment

Weighing, Discernment, Providence, Payment, Excommunication, Nemesis, Impression, Theory, Penal retribution, Popular belief, Justice, Thinking, Stance, Punishment, Acquittal, What-for, Ratiocination, Common sense, Pains, Shrewdness, Posture, Common belief, Death sentence, Rap, Discretion, Judicature, Evaluation, Guilty verdict, Castigation, Retribution, Ferule, Verdict, Mind, Sharp-wittedness, Pains and punishments, Perceptiveness, Canniness, Reflectiveness, Condemnation, Good sense, Penalty, Point of view, Condign punishment, Retributive justice, Conclusion, Death warrant, Deserts, Opinion, Discernment, Deduction, Lights, Observation, Conception, Gumption, Penetration, Judicatory, Ethos, Thought, Doom, Climate of opinion, Appraisement, Community sentiment, Sagacity, Estimate, Judiciousness, Discipline, Discrimination, Ruling, Discreetness, Sound judgment, Sharpness, Assumption, Appraisal, Perspicacity, Discrimination, Acuity, Position, Intelligence, Percipience, Polity, Verdict of guilty, Scourge, Denouncement, Perspicacity, General belief, Sagacity, Consensus gentium, Estimation, Wisdom, Soundness of judgment, Way of thinking, Flair, Public opinion, Notion, Judiciary, Perception, Correction, Feeling, Shrewdness, Persuasion, Idea, Infliction, Logic, Astuteness, Perception, Sentiment, Thoughtfulness, Chastisement, The courts, Disciplinary measures, Good sense, Denunciation, Reaction, Consideration, Wisdom, Powers of reasoning, Horse sense, Prudence, Penalty, Acumen, Circumspection, Sense, Illation, Chastening, Punishment, Circumspectness, Pay, Cleverness, Damnation, Penetration, Prevailing belief, Well-deserved punishment, Astuteness, Landmark decision, Sight, Judiciousness, Public belief, Conviction, Judicial punishment, Decision, Mystique, Eye, Native wit, Retribution, Determination, Reason, Presumption, Prudence, Sequitur, Judicial process, Belief, Conceit, Sentence, Understanding, Proscription, Assessment, Concept, Wit, Policy, New, Critical discernment, Cool judgment, Penology, Common sense, Anathematizing, Censure, Stock, Awareness, View, Punition, Personal judgment, Prudentialism, Good judgment, Insight, Acumen, Reflection, Attitude

How to use Judgment in a sentence?

  1. The accident turned out to be a case of stinginess for the parents.
  2. Surrounding yourself with highly valued people can ensure that your company makes the right decisions in the long run.
  3. I felt that everyone in the church did me justice, not who I should be.
  4. Decision error
  5. When you are in court, agreeing or disagreeing, you must act on the decision.

Meaning of Judgment & Judgment Definition