Judgment Lien

Judgment Lien,

What Does Judgment Lien Mean?

  • Judgment Lien definition is: A mortgage is a court decision that gives the lender the right to own immovable or personal property of the lender if it fails to meet the contractual obligations. These charges may be used against individuals or legal entities and allow recipients of securities access to assets, such as the lender's business, personal and real estate.

    • A guarantee is a court decision that gives the recipient the right to own the debtor's property if the debtor fails to meet the obligations of the contract.
    • The right to decide is not the consent of the owner regarding the property without his consent or consent.
    • Most states require creditors to apply for rights through a county or state.
    • These concessions can be attributed to real or personal property or, if the borrower does not have them for future acquisition at the time of processing.

Literal Meanings of Judgment Lien


Meanings of Judgment:
  1. Ability to make wise decisions or draw reasonable conclusions.

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  1. Error in decision

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Meanings of Lien:
  1. The right to retain ownership of another person's property until that person's debt is repaid.

Sentences of Lien
  1. Everyone who sells is entitled to a mortgage