Definition of Journal:

  1. Business diary in which all financial data (taken usually from a journal voucher) pertaining to the day to day business transactions of a firm is recorded using double-entry bookkeeping system. Debit and credit changes caused by each transaction in individual ledger-accounts are subsequently entered in (posted to) the firms general ledger. Depending on the nature of its operations and number of daily transactions, a firm may keep several types of specialized journals such as cash journal (cash book), purchases journal, and sales journal. The most common is general journal, used where no special journal exists or in which transactions not belonging to other journals are entered (see journal entry). Journals are also called books of first entry or books of original entry. See also journalizing.

  2. A daily record of news and events of a personal nature; a diary.

  3. A newspaper or magazine that deals with a particular subject or professional activity.

  4. The part of a shaft or axle that rests on bearings.

  5. Write in a journal or diary.

  6. For accounting purposes, a journal is a physical record or digital document kept as a book, spreadsheet or data within accounting software. When a business transaction is made, a bookkeeper enters the financial transaction as a journal entry. If the expense or income affects one or more business accounts, the journal entry will detail that as well. Journaling is an essential part of objective record-keeping and allows for concise review and records-transfer later in the accounting process. Journals are often reviewed as part of a trade or audit process, along with the general ledger.

  7. A journal is a detailed account that records all the financial transactions of a business, to be used for future reconciling of and transfer to other official accounting records, such as the general ledger. A journal states the date of a transaction, which accounts were affected, and the amounts, usually in a double-entry bookkeeping method.

Synonyms of Journal

Clio, Domesday Book, Muse of history, Account book, Accounts payable ledger, Accounts receivable ledger, Address book, Adventures, Adversaria, Album, Almanac, Annal, Annals, Annual, Appointment calendar, Appointment schedule, Autobiography, Axle box, Balance sheet, Bank ledger, Bankbook, Bimonthly, Biographical sketch, Biography, Biweekly, Blankbook, Blotter, Books, Calendar, Card ledger, Case history, Cashbook, Catalog, Catalogue, Check sheet, Chronicle, Chronicles, Chronology, Classified catalog, Clock card, Commonplace book, Confessions, Cost card, Cost ledger, Cost sheet, Court calendar, Curriculum vitae, Daily, Date slip, Datebook, Daybook, Desk calendar, Diary, Diptych, Docket, Documentation, Dossier, Engagement book, Ephemeris, Experiences, Factory ledger, Fortnightly, Fortunes, Gazette, Hagiography, Hagiology, Historiography, History, Hotbox, Inventory, Journal box, Ledger, Legend, Life, Life and letters, Life story, List, Log, Logbook, Loose-leaf notebook, Magazine, Martyrology, Memo book, Memoir, Memoirs, Memorabilia, Memorandum book, Memorial, Memorials, Memory book, Minutes, Monthly, Necrology, Newsletter, Newsmagazine, Newspaper, Notebook, Obituary, Organ, Pad, Paper, Passbook, Periodical, Petty cashbook, Photobiography, Pictorial, Pocket notebook, Pocketbook, Police blotter, Profile, Purchase ledger, Quarterly, Record, Record book, Register, Registry, Resume, Review, Roll, Sales journal, Sales ledger, Scrapbook, Scratch pad, Serial, Slick magazine, Spiral notebook, Stock ledger, Stores ledger, Story, Suspense ledger, Table, Tablet, Tabloid, Theory of history, Time book, Time chart, Time scale, Time schedule, Time sheet, Time study, Timecard, Timetable, Trade magazine, Triptych, Weekly, Workbook, Writing tablet, Yearbook, Diary, Day-by-day account, Daily record, Log, Logbook, Weblog, Blog, Vlog, Moblog, Yearbook, Periodical, Publication, Magazine, Gazette, Digest, Professional organ, Review, Newsletter, News-sheet, Bulletin

How to use Journal in a sentence?

  1. When a journal entry is recorded into a company's journal, it's usually recorded using a double-entry method, but can also be recorded using a single-entry method of bookkeeping.
  2. The LS1 hydraulic roller camshaft has large bearing journals and a large-diameter base circle to minimize torsional twisting and stress.
  3. While abroad he had kept a journal.
  4. When the company was audited, the journal played an important role in proving that all financial statements were accurate and that everything was recorded appropriately.
  5. The Securities and Exchange Commission officials have asked for access to the companys business journal as they investigate allegations that the company is cooking the books.
  6. A journal is a detailed record of all the transactions done by a business.
  7. The journal entries were recorded by the accountant who made sure the ledger matched the journal as well as part of being thorough.
  8. Journal is also used in the financial world to refer to a trading journal that details the trades made by an investor and why.
  9. Medical journals.

Meaning of Journal & Journal Definition