Definition of Joule:

  1. For work or energy, the SI unit is equal to the work of one Newton's power, if the point of application goes in the direction of one meter of force, which is equal to 3600 watt hours.

  2. Metric Units of Work and Energy (SI). (1) As a unit, or work, it is defined as an object in which the force of a Newton is applied to an object so that it can be moved one meter in the direction in which This force is applied. One joule per second is equal to 1 watt or 0.737 ft pound or 9.47 x 10 ^ 4 British thermal units (BTU) (equivalent to 1055 joules per BTO). (2) One unit of energy is defined as the amount of energy required to increase the temperature of one kilogram of water to one degree Celsius. Or the energy used per second from one current of one ampere against the resistance of one ohm. In the case of kinetic energy, one joule is equal to two kilograms of pore energy that travels at a speed of one meter per second. This equates to approximately 0.2 to 0.24 calories, which is enough to eat a tablespoon of food in your mouth. Necessary energy. It was named after the English physicist James Prescott Joel (181889) who discovered the mechanical equivalent of heat in 1843.

How to use Joule in a sentence?

  1. And joule is actually a sensitive unit of everyday life. A 60-watt bulb emits 60 seconds of joule energy per second.
  2. The physicist carefully records his experimental measurements and records exactly how many joules it will take to achieve the desired effect.
  3. Accurately discussing the number of joules involved in a process is an important part of the physical calculations made by engineers who launch rockets into space.
  4. The machine needed to run on several hundred joules and a very strong power source.

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