Jostens Yearbook Archives

Jostens Yearbook Archives

You can buy old directories from Jostens

Are you looking for an older directory?

Jostens prints millions of directories every year, so we can’t keep an inventory of outdated directories. For information on outdated lists, contact the school media library or directory consultant directly.

With that in mind, is it possible to buy old directories?

Sometimes schools keep old lists even though they may only have one copy per year. Contact the publisher to see if he can reproduce your high school listing. Sometimes you can get a new edition of a single copy from your directory, although prices vary and are often more expensive than buying a used copy.

You may also be wondering, where can I find my old primary school directories?

Contact the school district, the public library, and even the alumni association (or club) of the school. District offices may have at least one copy of the primary school lists of all schools in the district. Likewise, local libraries tend to have copies of local school directories.

Can you find old directories online too?

Old directories available online can be found in many places. has a nice collection of school directories to search for. I recommend looking at the schools and classes available in the Browse this collection section on the right side of the page to find a specific directory.

How much does a Josten directory cost?

Jostens also charged the school $ 100 per directory for the top 50 directories, even though they sold for less than was in the contract. In addition, the company sent (and billed) 55 unsolicited lists.

Which company makes directories?

Jostens: Rankings, lists, exams.

How do I find ancient books?

To quickly find directories for a specific city, use the Browse this collection feature on the right side of the page to select a state and city. When searching directories, look for an index on the back of the book. Some directories contain indexes for each student name entry.

Why Are High School Lists So Expensive?

Print on demand eliminates the cost of school directories.

How do I find old school photos?

How to find an elementary school photo

Are the photos in the yearbook in the public domain?

How to get rid of old directories?

Yes, most directories should be recyclable as they are mostly made of paper. If it has a hard cover or other insert, don’t put it in the dashboard. Check with the school that it is from the first and local libraries to see if they are interested in keeping your old directory.

How do I find old school friends?

Find your old classmates in three simple steps …

How to find a teacher from the past?

Use search engines like Google to find teachers’ names. Use quotes around the name and use all variations of the teachers’ names, such as William and Bill, Debra and Debbie. If the name is common, try narrowing it down by adding other relevant information, such as: B. John Doe and Memphis.

How do I find someone from high school?


How do you get to know old school friends?

How do I find free classmates?

Finding classmates, meeting old friends, and planning class reunions is different from other classmates / hangouts. Our service is 100% free to contact classmates *.

Why is a directory important?

A yearbook is also a book of memories. Earn money! The excess money you collect can go to prom or donate to a school project. Develop key life and career skills as you plan and organize your directory project.

How do I find old friends?

To find an old friend, do a first and last name in Google Images, then click on the photos of those who come to see if they lead to your friends’ contact details. You can also use a specially designed search engine to find people, such as Pipl or ZabaSearch.

How do I find a teacher on social media?

Log into Facebook and enter the teachers’ names in the search box at the top of the screen. A drop-down menu will appear with some options. Click View More Results at the bottom of the list.

What is a school yearbook?

Are directories worth it?

My directories are worth owning because they are more than hardcover pages - they are a connection to a time and to people I will never forget. This enduring and inherent value of a directory is at the heart of Walsworth’s new Worth It campaign.

Why are directories so expensive?

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