Joker Phone Number

Joker Phone Number

Pne Jokers Dark Kht Number? 3

What was the PIN number of Lieutenant Gordon when he received a text message from The Joker in The Dark Kht?

Bruce tells Van Alfred to write to Gordon to be careful because the policeman's wife is in the hallway and he can sue the man.

Heath Ledger is a clown in the movie and died on January 22.

And we miss him so much.

=] You must see it once.

I don't know the number, but I'm pretty sure the message was from Lucius Fox or Alfred because Batman warned one of them, Gordon, and his family about the police in Alice.

The day after the filming ended, the man overdosed on the Joker in the Dark. His name is Keith Ledger. (SP?)


I don't know, brother, just google it.


Your health book is not Keith.



Joker Phone Number

Joker Phone Number

That child ... I'm sorry.

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Joker Phone Number