Joker Eye Color

Joker Eye Color

What is the color of the Joker's eyes? 3

Ah, I think they're a little useless, so I don't know ... :)

It turns out it's yellow in comics, but it's green in my Joker ...: D

Wild's eyes, hair and nails are chemically green (he is known for painting his nails and spraying red on them).

Are we seeing the Joker in the eye?

When he first appeared in comics, his eyes were clear. In Batman The Dark Kht, irises are also possible because Heath Ledger wears contact lenses.

Emerald! Is that funny too?

I never really paid attention.

According to me

Late night red sleep

Joker Eye Color

Joker Eye Color

Oh, I never realized that before!


I know this is the color of your soul ...

Joker Eye Color