Joint Venture

Joint Venture,

Definition of Joint Venture:

  • A business relationship in which two or more people combine their work or property for a company and share in the profits and losses equally or by consensus. General liability insurance generally does not cover joint venture liability unless it is insured. Occasionally, a handwritten option may be added to manage this display. Otherwise, the policyholder must enter into a special protection agreement each time they join the consortium.

  • A joint venture (JV) is a business agreement in which two or more parties agree to develop their resources to complete a specific task. This assignment can be a new project or other business activity.

    • A joint venture is a business agreement in which two or more parties agree to develop their resources to complete a specific task.
    • It is an association in the colloquial sense of the term, but it can take on any legal framework.
    • Joint ventures are often used as partners with local companies to enter foreign markets.

  • A company where two companies for a specific project or group of projects come together to share risks or experience.

  • Joint Venture means: Business relationship When two or more people join a firm's employment or property and share in the profits

  • When two or more individuals or organizations join the capital to provide a product or service. This is usually done as part of an association.

  • Joint Venture means, A term commonly used to describe the relationship between a party that conducts joint ventures for personal or mutual benefit. It can be a registered company or an unregistered company.

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Meanings of Joint:
  1. Name the place where some parts of the artificial structure meet.

  2. The structure of the human or animal body in which two parts of the skeleton are connected.

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  5. Creative work, especially recorded music.

  6. Shared, owned or created by two or more people, parties or joint organizations.

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Sentences of Joint
  1. Make a connection between the roof and the walls of the house

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Synonyms of Joint

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Meanings of Venture:
  1. A risky or adventurous journey or adventure.

  2. Dare to do or go somewhere that is dangerous or painful.

Sentences of Venture
  1. An important adventure in lesser known waters

  2. It turned into a blizzard

Synonyms of Venture

proceed, travels, wandering, exploration, journey, venture, journeying, set forth, trek, undertaking, travel, expedition, set out, odyssey, progress, voyage, go, adventure, move, rove, search