Joint Proposer

Joint Proposer,

Definition of Joint Proposer:

  • If two people want to secure a property (for example, husband and wife), they are called joint applicants.

Literal Meanings of Joint Proposer


Meanings of Joint:
  1. Install or repair (something) with a seal.

  2. Pair (animal body).

  3. The place where the parts of the artificial structure meet.

  4. The structure of the human or animal body in which the two parts of the skeleton come together.

  5. A special kind of establishment, especially a place where people gather for food, drink and entertainment.

  6. A marijuana cigarette.

  7. Creative work, especially recorded music.

  8. Shared, owned or created by two or more people, parties or organizations.

Sentences of Joint
  1. Another doll, Lily and Jane, made in Germany, has open arms and legs, eyelashes, eyes that can be opened and closed, and real hair.

  2. Use a sharp knife to collect the birds.

  3. Close the connection between the roof and the walls of the house

  4. Suffers from tight joints and difficulty bending

  5. The company issued a joint statement

Synonyms of Joint

club, linkage, common, chop up, collective, nightclub, bar, juncture, junction, shared, corporate, cut up, restaurant, communal, link, articulation, establishment, connection, cannabis cigarette, intersection, marijuana cigarette, nexus, butcher, join