Joint Life Last Survivor

Joint Life Last Survivor,

Joint Life Last Survivor Definition:

  1. A simple definition of Joint Life Last Survivor is: Life insurance covers the lives of two people and is self-sufficient when the other person dies.

Literal Meanings of Joint Life Last Survivor


Meanings of Joint:
  1. Name the place where the parts of the artificial structure meet.

  2. The structure of the human or animal body in which the two skeletal parts are connected.

  3. Certain types of facilities, especially facilities where people gather for food, drink or entertainment.

  4. Marijuana cigarettes

  5. Creative work, especially recorded music.

  6. Shared, owned or created by two or more people, parties or organizations.

  7. Provide a seal or repair.

  8. Connect the joints (animal bodies).

Sentences of Joint
  1. Make a connection between the roof and the walls of the house

  2. Its joints are tight and it is difficult to bend

  3. The company issued a joint statement

  4. Another doll made in Germany, Lily and Jane, has arms and legs, whips, eyes open and closed and real hair bandaged.

  5. Use a sharp knife to bandage the bird

Synonyms of Joint

junction, establishment, corporate, connection, nightclub, club, bar, cut up, marijuana cigarette, restaurant, nexus, linkage, intersection, juncture, link, carve, articulation, shared, butcher, communal, join, collective, cannabis cigarette, chop up, common


Meanings of Life:
  1. A condition that distinguishes animals and plants from non-essential substances, including the ability to grow, regenerate, function, and change permanently before death.

  2. Existence of the same human or animal.

  3. The time between the birth and death of living human beings, especially human beings.

  4. Significance, power or energy.

  5. (In art) the representation of an article by a real model and not by the imagination of an artist.

Sentences of Life
  1. The essence of life

  2. A catastrophe that killed 266 Americans

  3. He spent his entire life in the countryside

  4. She is beautiful and full of life

  5. Your poses and clothes are taken from life

Synonyms of Life

gusto, this mortal coil, life span, elan, drive, one's career, animation, push, days, effervescence, brio, spirit, fire, vivacity, dash, verve, person, living, course of life, sparkle, colour, individual, mortal, human being


Meanings of Last:
  1. After all or in the final order.

  2. recently

  3. Stay here

  4. Last chance so far

  5. Everything else is regular or regular.

  6. (Especially list points) Finally.

  7. The last person or thing that happened was mentioned after another.

  8. (Action, activity or reality) for a specific period of time.

  9. Continue to work properly or in good condition for a certain period of time.

  10. Shoe maker model for printing or repairing shoes or boots.

Sentences of Last
  1. They took the last bus

  2. last year

  3. This is our last hope

  4. He looks much older than the last time I saw him

  5. The last guest left

  6. The guitar solo lasts for twenty minutes

  7. The car is designed to last

Synonyms of Last

preceding, run on, furthest behind, rearmost, only remaining, hindmost, utmost, previous, endmost, furthest, stand up, go on, matrix, keep on, endure, keep going, bear up, be prolonged, continue, ultimate, rear, furthest back, model


Meanings of Survivor:
  1. One person who survived, especially the one who survived the incident in which the other died.

Sentences of Survivor
  1. The only one who survived the massacre