Joint Assessment

Joint Assessment,

How To Define Joint Assessment?

The basis for estimating couples or civil society. In Ireland, this is usually a tax priority.

Literal Meanings of Joint Assessment


Meanings of Joint:
  1. Name the place where some parts of the artificial structure meet.

  2. The structure of the human or animal body in which two parts of the skeleton are connected.

  3. Certain types of facilities, especially facilities where people gather for food, drink or entertainment.

  4. Smoke grass

  5. Creative work, especially recorded music.

  6. Shared, owned or created by two or more people, parties or joint organizations.

  7. Seal or tighten.

  8. Connect the joints (animal bodies).

Sentences of Joint
  1. Connect between the roof and the walls of the house

  2. Its joints are tight and it is difficult to bend

  3. The company issued a joint statement

  4. Another doll made in Germany, Lily and Jane, has arms and legs, whips, eyes open and closed and real hair bandaged.

  5. Use a sharp knife to bandage the bird

Synonyms of Joint

marijuana cigarette, juncture, restaurant, shared, cannabis cigarette, chop up, common, nightclub, butcher, bar, intersection, nexus, junction, communal, articulation, connection, carve, join, linkage, establishment, collective, club, link, cut up, corporate


Meanings of Assessment:
  1. An assessment or evaluation of one's character, quality or ability or something.

Sentences of Assessment
  1. Assessment of educational needs

Synonyms of Assessment

rating, analysis, appraisal, opinion, judgement, gauging, estimation, evaluation