Johnny & June are American country singers. They got so much hype & fame for not only their music album but also for being love birds. Johnny Cash’s compilation album and 60th overall album released on Bear Family Records in 1978. It consists of material that was either unpublished or not widely available, like The Unissued Johnny Cash. Most of the songs, with the exception of ‘Smiling Bill McCall’ from 1960, were recorded from 1964 to 1965.

Johnny & June:

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June Carter: Formed on June 23rd, 1929 in Maces Springs, Virginia, Valerie June Carter was a born and raised artist. Her mother, the daughter of Ezra and Maybelle Carter, played with the Carter Family’s popular country and folk group with June’s Uncle A.P. Since 1927, Carter and his wife Sara had both lent their voice to the band by the time she was ten, little June.

In the 1940s, Mother Maybelle and the Carter Sisters (intermittently referred to simply as the Carter Sisters) formed the act in June along with her mother and her two sisters, Helen and Anita, traveling the country, performing radio shows, and eventually joining the cast of the Grand Ole Opry national country music showcase. It was through the Opry that June met Carl Smith, the honky-tonk singer she married in 1952.

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Johnny Cash: Johnny Cash was born on February 26, 1932, in Cleveland County, Arkansas. At the insistence of an Air Force recruiter who would not only allow initials. He was supposedly a compromise between his parents who could not settle on a name, Cash would later take on the name John, although Sun Records creator Sam Phillips is also credited with adapting it to ‘Johnny.’

Cash graduated from high school in 1950, taking on a range of short-term jobs before finally entering the Air Force. He met Vivian Liberto at a roller rink in San Antonio shortly before he shipped out to Germany in 1951, setting off a whirlwind romance. The two exchanged an immense number of letters during Cash’s service, and when he returned to the States in 1954, they married. They’re going to have four daughters together; Rosanne, Kathy, Cindy, and Tara.

Before his brother Roy introduced him to guitarists Luther Perkins and Marshall Grant, who would continue to become Cash’s backup players as the Tennessee Two, the newlyweds traveled to Memphis, where Cash briefly sold appliances.

Cash played one of his original songs, “Hey Porter,” after introducing himself to Phillips in 1955, which intrigued the producer enough to ask him to write a sad song to pair it with.

Johnny & June Love Story:

Their tale influenced classic songs of love and was recreated in a film nominated for an Oscar. Johnny and June became the torch-bearers of the country-music style of intense, passionate love. But the lovebirds navigated rough waters leading up to and during their 35-year marriage that produced a son, numerous hit songs about heartbreak, worship, and salvation, and ended when they took their final mortal bows from each other within four months.

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At Nashville, Tennessee’s Grand Ole Opry in 1956, Johnny and June first met backstage, but it would be a dozen years before they became husband and wife. Through the recommendations of Elvis Presley, with whom she had been singing backup; Carter had become aware of Cash. When we played in the South, Elvis would make me go into these little cafes and listen to John.

At the time of the first fateful encounter, Johny & June were married to other individuals. Cash to Vivian Liberto Cash, with whom Roseanne, Kathy, Cindy, and Tara had four children. Carter married honky-tonk singer Carl Smith for the first time and the couple had one daughter, Rebecca. The marriage ended in 1956 and Carter married Edwin ‘Rip’ Nix, a former footballer, a year later. Before the couple divorced in 1966, the union produced a daughter, Rozanna “Rosie,”

Johnny & June by Heidi Newfield:

This song is a tribute to the everlasting love the world had for Johnny and June. Heidi Newfield adds that she wants to have a relationship with her boyfriend that is similar to Johny & June. During the last 5 years of their lives, the former Trick Pony vocalist grew loyal to the pair. Newfield performs the chorus dressed in black, surrounded by fire, in the song’s music video. This is a reference to Ring Of Fire, the Johnny Cash album.

It’s a love song about two famous people, Johnny and June, and it’s about the inspiring tales of Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash, of course. For artists to write tribute songs to the late Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash is not unusual at all. After all, most everyone was affected by these iconic artists - at least a little bit. But in the case of Newfield, because she called both Johnny and June her friends, their influence was also extremely personal.

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Did Johnny and June have a baby?

John Carter Cash (born March 3, 1970) is an artist, producer, and American country singer-songwriter. He is Johnny Cash’s and June Carter Cash’s only child.

Did Johnny Cash marry June Carter?

During a live appearance at the London Ice House in London, Ontario, Cash proposed to Carter in 1968. They married in Franklin, Kentucky, on March 1, and remained married until her death in May 2003, just four months before the death of Cash.

Who was June Carter’s first husband?

From July 9, 1952, until their divorce in 1956, she was first married to the honky-tonk singer Carl Smith. "They wrote “Time’s A-Wastin” together. They had a daughter, Rebecca Carlene Smith, known professionally as the country singer Carlene Carter.

Who died first Johnny or June?

June Carter Cash died on May 15, 2003, in Nashville, Tennessee, from complications following heart surgery. Later that year on September 12, her beloved husband passed away. Two years later, their love story in the Johnny Cash biopic Walks the Line made it to the big screen.


Johnny & June for the remainder of their lives, stayed together, passing away a few months apart: Carter in May 2003, Cash in September. “Even, you fascinate me and inspire me; you’re influencing me for the better”. Cash wrote to his wife on her 65th birthday, "We were getting old and getting used to each other. We’re thinking alike, we read the minds of one another”. They remained & will remain an iconic love story for music in years to come.