Johnny Test Theme Song

Johnny Test Theme Song

Is it just me or does the subject of Johnny's audition sound a bit like the Americans on Green Day?

Well, first of all ..

Can you be yourself or another brother?

And yes, I think that's something ...

Coral rocks were sampled for the main songs. And do you know what is good? Dogs are called duke, which is like walking on the Green Day! Green Day Stone! And LOL, I was watching Johnny Test.

If so. I never saw SW, but when I took my brother LOL seriously I joined him, he was about 15 years old but the music sounded very American. After listening to it, I really don't like Green Day music. . .MDR

Well the real question here is ... why are you watching Johnny's exam ???

This is good and I will not know the answer to your question because I am not a child and why are you looking at it? It's not for your age and it can be stressful for you. To heal yourself, it would be very helpful to have an ad and then make sure it is orange.

Does not matter!

Johnny Test Theme Song