John Waters Net Worth

John Waters Net Worth

What is John Water’s Net Worth?

| John Waters Net Worth & Salary: John Waters is an American director, screenwriter, and actor with a net worth of $ 50 million. John Waters was born in Baltimore, Maryland, in 1946 and attended New York University, but soon left and returned to Baltimore to direct short films.

Why is John Waters famous in this sense?

John Samuel Waters Jr. (born April 22, 1946) is an American director, director, writer, actor, and artist. Born and raised in Baltimore, Waters played a major role in his transgressive cult films in the early 1970s, including Multiple Maniacs (1970), Pink Flamingos (1972) and Female Trouble (1974).

Who was John Waters similarly married to?

Zoe Burton M.

2002Does John Waters still live in Baltimore in that sense?

John Water filming locations in Baltimore. Libba Zay is an experienced travel writer and author of 34 Miles Away. She lives in Baltimore, Maryland. Baltimore is the birthplace of John Water and the place where all of his films are set.

Where did John Waters go to school?

New York University Calvert Hall College High School Calvert School The Boys Latin School of Maryland

Who wrote hair spray?

Thomas Meehan

Who is the director of Hairspray?

Adam Shankman

In which city is hairspray found?


​​wrote John Waters Hairspray?

John Waters wrote the screenplay, White Lipstick, with the story loosely based on real events. Hairspray was the only film in which he did not appear with Waters. Divine was originally to play both Tracy Turnblad and her mother Edna.

Who plays the flashing light in Hairspray?

Casting Confirmed (in credit order)

Is John Waters Really Bald?

John Waters doesn’t remember exactly why he first grew up with his iconic pencil mustache, but he remembers it: 1970. It’s only been six years since the Baltimore native graduated from College High School and only four years since he was fired from NYU running for a marijuana bust on campus.

Where can I see John Waters movies?

Find out what’s crowded:

How old is John Waters?

73 (April 22, 1946)

Who created the flamingos?

John Waters

Where did John Waters come from?

Baltimore, Maryland, USA

How Tall Is John Waters?


Who played Darcy Proudman?

John Walters

John Waters Net Worth