John Frieda Skinny Serum

John Frieda Skinny Serum

John Freda Freeze Easy or Paul Mike Super Skinny C? 3

I know this has been asked many times. My hair is very curly, from normal to dry. ut and inch wrinkled look Drykinda Sulders have recently been cleaned. Basically 3b hair [if you know what it is] Thanks !! I'm not trying to make my hair less soft, silky, wrinkle free and shiny :)


Did you say I tried both? Thank you for sharing your experience with me !!!

My hair looks like yours! But the longest mine is also my size. I have used both products and I prefer John Freda because there are numbers, I use fake and wireless conditioner regularly. Paul Mittak feels much better, but if I use less I think my hair will become very oily and smooth, and that's exactly what happened to John Frieda.

For example help x

John Freda to the end. It makes my hair shiny, smooth and extremely soft. Meanwhile, Paul MITc makes my hair greasy and sticky. I can wear John Freda all day and my hair looks best in any season. It's like crazy heaven in the bottle! :) Enjoy!

Personally, I like Paul Mike Super Skinny. It makes my hair extremely soft and shiny, but if I use more than two strands, my hair becomes oily.

Must be John Freda!

John Frieda Skinny Serum