John Cena The Marine

John Cena The Marine

Was John Cena a former sailor? ۔

I know he's playing a sailor in the movie, but is he a real life sailor? I've never heard JR or King mention it, but Michael Cole always reminds us that Lashley is an exorcist ... JR reminded me that Road Dog was also a veterinarian. If it's marine, why don't they say it?

No, I thought it was his, but he wasn't. His best friend Orton was already blown up until he was fired, and there are many other fighters in the army like Bobby Lashley and others. Former fighter Perry Saturn, if I remember correctly, an air ranger.

Marines John Cena.

He is not a former Marine.

No, John Cena is not a sailor. He only respects what they do and that too in his film which attracts the navy! I can see where you come from, your pants and chemo hat and your straight eye on the boat, but that's just the style!

And the salute he gives is to respect the Marines!

John Cena is not a Marine, he is a chained gang soldier!

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Armed Forces No.

Mike Nekt.

John Cena The Marine