Definition of Jobber:

  1. Little is known about Intermediate's activities, as they have few records, but there were hundreds of working firms in London in the early 19th century. In the 20th century, the number of workers declined so rapidly that they ceased to exist in October 1986.

  2. Prior to October 1986, the London Stock Exchange was the technical language for labor market makers. Employees, also called exchange workers, act as market makers. They have stock in their own books and buy and sell the stock to create liquid in the market and individual investors buy and sell orders through their brokers who are not authorized to create the market. The term "seller" is also used to describe a small wholesaler or retailer.

  3. Wholesaler

  4. Manufacturers, distributors or wholesalers who handle small quantities of goods or labor, or act as agents, brokers (intermediaries) or subcontractors and generally do not have direct contact with large customers.

  5. People who work comfortably or uncomfortably.

  6. (In the UK) Managers or wholesalers who only trade on stock exchanges with brokers and not with the public.

Synonyms of Jobber

Moiler, Blue-collar worker, Laboring man, Go-between, Floor trader, Link, Proletarian, Trader, Wage slave, Registered representative, Laborer, Workgirl, Common laborer, Negotiator, Storekeeper, Industrial worker, Breadwinner, Retail merchant, Marketer, Pit man, Retail dealer, Monger, Stock-exchange broker, Toiler, Roustabout, Stockbroker, Navvy, Intermedium, Importer, Liaison, Floorman, Middleman, Menial, Factory worker, Stock dealer, Medium, Working girl, Shopkeeper, Broker-dealer, Merchandiser, Migrant, Merchant, Workhand, Curb broker, Wage earner, Sharebroker, Odd-lot dealer, Self-employed person, Hand, Chandler, Free-lancer, Wholesaler, Wageworker, Wall Streeter, Connection, Servant, Day laborer, Mediator, Two-dollar broker, Full-time worker, Stockbroker, Casual laborer, Trafficker, Tradeswoman, Free lance, Dealer, Salaried worker, Workman, Jobholder, Distributor, Agent, Tradesman, Worker, Workingwoman, Casual, Tie, Flunky, Temporary, Specialist, Workingman, Intermediary, Stockjobber, Regrater, Mediary, Floor broker, Employee, Stiff, Broker, Broker, Office temporary, Retailer, Agent, Bond crowd

How to use Jobber in a sentence?

  1. Brokers, also called brokers, are market makers on the London Stock Exchange.
  2. When dealing with a broker, you know that all prices are negotiable and you expect the best.
  3. Workers hold shares in their own accounts and help increase liquidity in the market by combining investor buying and selling orders through their brokers.
  4. Sometimes you have to negotiate with brokers or retailers and try to negotiate with them.
  5. Famous fighters came forward and I was disappointed to want to fight a worker, not the best one.
  6. Workers leave some reports about their business, and neither journalists nor other observers have many detailed accounts of their work.
  7. For many years he wrote about how workers and middlemen in the informal sector brutally exploited migrant workers.
  8. Senators called opponents of tariffs "merchants, commission dealers and ticket dealers."
  9. The term "broker" was used before October 1986, but little is known about its actual activity due to the limited number of records.
  10. In the 19th century, the worker system evolved into a modern and recognizable form, such as the type of title.
  11. Brokers receive commissions from their best sellers.

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