Definition of Job:

  1. Work from time to time.

  2. An assignment or job, especially one that pays off.

  3. A proportional set of tasks connected through joint tasks.

    When an employee is performed by an employee as part of a pay exchange, it includes duties, responsibilities and duties (performance elements) that are (1) defined and specific, and (2) Performance can be measured, measured and recorded. In a broader context, work is synonymous with functions and includes the physical and social aspects of the work environment. Often, people identify with their job or function (foreman, supervisor, engineer, etc.) and are motivated by their individuality or usefulness.

  4. someting special.

  5. To deceive, to deceive.

  6. Positive position for permanent work.

  7. As a broker, you buy and sell shares, especially on a small scale.

  8. Turn public positions or funds into private assets.

Phonetic Pronunciation of Job


Synonyms of Job

Duty, Hand, Part, Sell over, Dump, Victimize, Performance, Pursuit, Production, Undertaking, Acta, Piece of work, Charge, Lift, Deed, Stunt, Position, Proceeding, Tenure, Act, Let, Res gestae, Farm, Heist, Traffic in, Matters in hand, Operation, Sublet, Caper, Convert into cash, Berth, Turn, Incumbency, Appointment, Lease-lend, Burglary, Hoax, Line, Interest, Lease out, Hire, Dealings, Grab, Exploit, Sell short, Move, Niche, Overt act, Step, Rent out, Works, Capacity, Doing, Tour de force, Task, Homework, Piece of work, Let out, Trade in, Transaction, Enterprise, Concernment, Spot, Coup, Employment, Deal in, Character, Chicane, Sell on consignment, Lend-lease, Bamboozle, Be in, Flimflam, Posting, Profession, Pigeon, Stroke, Endeavor, Odd job, Feat, Engagement, Job of work, Vacancy, Undersell, Busywork, Accomplishment, Exercise, Sacrifice, Effect a sale, Passage, Retail, Service, Stint, Carry, Underlet, Slot, Fish to fry, Station, Appointment, Moonlighting, Farm out, Affair, Filch, Chore, Handiwork, Sell up, Function, Situation, Close out, Devoir, Gull, Concern, Racket, Assignment, Errand, Pinch, Project, Place, Sell, Adventure, Billet, Business, Project, Second job, Turn over, Sell off, Placement, Accomplished fact, Calling, Go, Office, Charter, Sell retail, Theft, Resell, Mission, Lease, Turn into money, Market, Province, Post, Position, Post, Sublease, Role, Rip-off, Posting, Task, Robbery, Undercut, Assignment, Commission, Merchandise, Blow, Matter, Sell out, Cut under, Position of employment, Make-work, Lease-back, Occupation, Gest, Wholesale, Situation, Thing done, Hire out, Make a sale, Work, Action, Maneuver, Trade, Connection, Day job, Labor, Let off, Measure, Handle, Thing, Things to do, Opening, Vocation, Achievement, Unload, Rent, Fait accompli, Effort, Place, Steal, Gig, Sell wholesale, Chare, Doings, Befool, Fool

How to use Job in a sentence?

  1. Unfortunately, while working with animals, he was very happy that he could not find a job as a doctor.
  2. part time job.
  3. She worked as a waitress until her first film role.
  4. The young man was looking for a job where he could learn to accept responsibility and pay for his work.
  5. He wanted to be alone to get a job.
  6. When trying to find a new job, you need to properly introduce yourself so that the employer can see the real person.

Meaning of Job & Job Definition

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