Job lock

Job lock,

Definition of Job lock:

  1. The inability of an employee to voluntarily terminate employment with a particular company because he or she would lose current health care benefits. This becomes an issue for individuals that have pre-existing health conditions that may not be covered under the new employers health care coverage. This situation is possible because most insurance companies have a pre-existing health care clause that prevents them from being liable for any condition that the employee had before requesting coverage.

Meaning of Job lock & Job lock Definition

Job Lock,

What is Job Lock?

  1. Definition of Job Lock: A situation in which a person feels unable to quit his job for fear of losing the benefit of unemployment.

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Meanings of Job:
  1. Positive position for permanent work.

  2. An assignment or job, especially one that comes with pay.

  3. someting special.

  4. Do weird jobs or weird jobs.

  5. As a broker you buy and sell (shares) especially on a small scale.

  6. To deceive, to deceive.

  7. Turn public positions or funds into private assets.

  8. Sting or sting.

  9. The act of pushing, pushing or pulling.

  10. (In the Bible) A rich man whose patience and piety were tested by unjust suffering and who, despite his bitter lamentation, believes in the goodness and truth of God.

Sentences of Job
  1. part time job

  2. He wanted to be alone to get a job

  3. Worked as a waitress until her first film role

Synonyms of Job

placement, day job, position of employment, project, posting, position, place, piece of work, appointment, assignment, post, task, situation


Meanings of Lock:
  1. The present invention relates to the method of locking doors, locks, etc., which are usually operated only by locks in a certain way.

  2. A short, limited section of a channel or other watercourse where the water level can be changed by using the doors and locks used to lift and lower the ship between two doors.

  3. Something or other that will be certain.

  4. The method of detonation of weapons.

  5. Safe or secure with padlock.

  6. Restrict access to resources or data (computers, cell phones, files, etc.), including verifying your identity with a password or other form of verification from users.

  7. Strictly fix, paralyze or stay.

  8. Go through the canal lock.

Sentences of Lock
  1. The key is securely locked

  2. There is one lock every quarter of a mile

  3. He closed his office

  4. My computer is locked and I forgot my login information

  5. Put your hands behind his neck

  6. She combed her hair

Synonyms of Lock

join, mate, make fast, combine, make secure, hasp, unite, connect, seal, engage, yoke, catch, bar, clasp, curl, tress, mesh, bolt, tuft, link, fastener, interlock