Jin's Shoulders

Jin’s Shoulders

Who has broader shoulders than BTS?

| BTS 'Jin’s exact shoulder measurements have been revealed. BTS Jin has finally revealed shoulder width. When Rap Monster asked Jin how wide they were, Jin proudly replied six inches. To confirm that his shoulders were indeed two feet wide, fans found the size of a chair he was sitting on.

Simply put, who has the biggest shoulders in BTS?

The Guinness World Record for the man with the broadest shoulders goes to Kim Seokjin, aka Mr. Broad Shoulders. The record is currently 60 cm. His shoulders are known to take up so much space that Jungkook becomes one of the best members of BTS.

Who has the broadest shoulders in the world?

Chuck has broader shoulders than any man we’ve ever seen. He is just great. While standing next to Anderson, someone said he was the only man who made Anderson look small. Chuck weighs 280 over 6 feet.

He also asked which BTS member has the biggest hands?

LEAD: He has the biggest hands in BTS.

He is from our alien Kim Taehyung!Which BTS member has the biggest eyes?

Jungkook has very large round eyes, the roundest eye of the bunch.

Who has the thickest lips in BTS?

Who has thicker lips than Bts?

Who can drive in BTS?



Jungkook is one of the BTS members who can drive and have a driver’s license. The other BTS members claim that Jungkook may be their Maknae, but in reality he doesn’t behave like that.

Who in BTS has the best body?

Best BTS Body

Who’s the Heaviest in BTS?

The leader is the tallest of the group and reaches 181cm / 511cm. Weighing in at around 67kg, he is one of the heaviest of the bunch. Jin is 179cm tall (second tallest) and weighs around 63kg.

Who has the largest shoe size in BTS?

BTS shoe size (US conversion) Who has the smallest hands at BTS?

Jimin would be the smallest. Suga and Jimin literally have millimeters between them when it comes to the shortest. For some reason, Jimin members always annoy Jimin with very small size and hands.

Is Jimin left handed?

Jimin shows no signs of cross dominance as he prefers the left side of the arms and legs.

Is his shoulders 20 inches wide?

20 “shoulders look noticeably wider than average 21” shoulders attract a lot of attention 22 “shoulders catch almost all attention 23” shoulders are superheroes and will give you a ticket to the front row of Mr.

Who’s the greatest bodybuilder in the world?

Ronnie Coleman is the greatest bodybuilder the world has ever seen.

What is the average shoulder width of a man?

16 inches

How Do Bodybuilders Measure Shoulder Width?

The study is misleading, the correct way to measure shoulder width is as follows: Stand in a relaxed position with your arms hanging at your sides. Ask someone to place the end of the tape measure around the widest part of a ■■■■■. Attach the ribbon around the opposite shoulder until it meets at the point of origin.

What color are V BTS eyes?

Facts about BTS V (Kim Taehyung)
Net value: $ 8.3 million
Weight: 58 kilos
Hair colour: Brown
Eyes colour: Brown

Jin's Shoulders