Jimmy Johns Sandwich Sizes

Jimmy Johns Sandwich Sizes

How big is Jimmy John’s submarine?

Unlike other underwater restaurants like Subway and Quiznos, which offer sandwiches of various sizes, Jimmy Johns only offers 8-inch submarines.

How big is Jimmy John’s Giant Sub?

On Monday, Jimmy Johns announced the introduction of a major menu update with a new 16-inch sandwich size. The quirky big sandwich option lives up to its HUGE name and is literally like eating two of the JJs who settled the original parts.

Second, how much does a 16-inch Jimmy John sandwich cost?

Shea said Jimmy Johns’ new menu item is aimed at customers with bigger appetites, including construction workers and college students. Prices vary by country, but on Wednesday a 16-inch turkey sandwich costs $ 11.99 at a Stuart store. Florida. Shea says it’s cheaper than buying two 8-inch submarines.

What is the lead time for Jimmy John’s?

Jimmy Johns says delivery should take up to 20 minutes (THIS IS NOT A WARRANTY). On good days, I can deliver your order within 510 minutes. When busy, 30 out. When forty minutes have passed, don’t hesitate to call us and ask where your food is.

How much does a slim 4 at Jimmy Johns cost?

just thin

SLIM 1 190600/11601200 cal $ 4.29
SMART 3 250660/12801320 cal $ 4.29
SMART 4 70480/910950 cal $ 4.29
SMART 5 280690/13401380 cal $ 4.29
SMART 6 240 650/12601300 cal $ 4.29

What is Jimmy John’s favorite sandwich?

Results: Sandwich Time Sandwich Note # 1 Pepe 2: 59.32 5/10 # 2 Big John 58.34 4/10 # 3 Totally Tuna 42.87 2/10 # 4 Turkey Tom 1: 22.87 7/10

How much does a Jimmy John sandwich cost ?


Jimmy John’s Menu Price Food Size Price 8 "8-inch Pepe® Submarine Sandwiches $ 5.50 8-inch Big John® $ 5.50 Total 8-inch® Tuna $ 5.50 Jimmy John’s is better than U train.


Subway is your best bet for customizing your sandwich. Jimmy John’s is best when you don’t want to decide yes / no on each custom ingredient. Jimmy Johns seems to have fresh ingredients, with bean sprouts you won’t find at Subway . The two sandwich bars are roughly the same size in terms of speed.

How much does a subway cost?

Subway Catering Price Food Size Price Giant Submarines 3ft for 1012 people, 6ft for 2025 people Giant submarine 3ft $ 51, 99 6ft Giant Submarine $ 99.98 9ft Giant Submarine. $ 149.97

What’s Jimmy John’s Best Sandwich?

Power Ranking The 7 Under Sandwich on Jimmy John’s Vito. JJ BLT An American Classic, JJ BLT it will never disappoint Buy Jan Ok, now I wanted to go somewhere. Not no. Like Tom, but instead of turkey there is ham and cheese. Turkey Tom. Look, Turkey Tom is not bad. Whole tuna. Even dirty. Vegetarian. Bah.

What is Jimmy John’s Little John?

Jimmy Johns is introducing a new take on the original sandwich range with the introduction of the new $ 3 Little Johns. Little John sandwiches are essentially just subtle mini-versions of the brand’s seven original sandwiches, including Vito, Turkey Tom, and J.J.B.L.T. for $ 3.

How good is Jimmy John’s Little John?

Jimmy Johns is adding a low-calorie sandwich, a $ 3 alternative called Little John, to menus across the country. The sandwich is advertised as a mini-slim version due to its smaller size: 6.5 “versus the traditional 8” or 16 "options.

How much does a BLT from Jimmy Johns cost?

Jimmy John’s Pepe Menu $ 5 , 50 8 “. Turkey Tom $ 5.50 Vito 8” $ 5.50 8 “Vegetarian $ 5.50 8” JJBLT $ 5.50 8 "

Does Jimmy John’s have a secret menu?

Jimmy Johns has a secret menu. There’s also something like Chuck Norris, a bacon-shredded tuna customer, who is also separate from the delicious secret menu. If you want something simpler but full of good fat, order your Slim BLT, which is just a bunch. of bacon in bread.

Should you tip Jimmy John’s delivery?

Most of my friends deliver for Jimmy Johns. Tipping is usually $ 12 per sandwich. You should always tip a delivery guy .

Jimmy John delivers cash?

Jimmy Johns on Twitter: @LiveLifeLydz You can pay in cash, don’t forget to log into!

What does Jimmy Johns do with the bread they pour?

With this roll you can make croutons for soups or salads, savory chips or pretzels, for example. But instead it was thrown into the design trash. The other solution would be to bake the bread in a mold so that it collapses in the center when it comes out of the oven.

Do Jimmy John’s Drivers Get Shipping?

Shipping costs vary by store. Delivery costs are not tips and are not shared with the drivers. Yes, sir.

Jimmy Johns really only delivers within 5 minutes?

Fast Delivery Tip: Deliver in just five minutes from any Jimmy Johns location. According to the company, each sandwich delivery area has been carefully mapped for traffic and road patterns.

How big is Jimmy John’s giant submarine?

16 inchesSimilarly, people are asking: How big are Jimmy John’s submarines?

Unlike other side restaurants like Subway and Quiznos, which offer sandwiches of various sizes, Jimmy Johns only offers 20-inch subs.

Likewise, what is the most popular Jimmy John sandwich?

Finds :

Sandwich quality at sandwich time
# 1 grandpa 2: 59.32 5/10
# 2 Great January 58.34 4/10
# 3 Whole tuna 42.87 2/10
# 4 turkey tomatoes 1: 22. ### 87 7/10
Also, how tall is Jimmy John's giant? We had hungry consumers looking for additional sandwiches. Jumbo sandwiches are twice the size of the original 8-inch strings and range from 1,110 calories for classic turkey ■■■■■■ to 2,190 for giant fat. ### What's Jimmy John's new sandwich? The 13-inch Frenchie is Jimmy John's 40th bun on the go and is only available nationwide for a limited time. Jimmy Johns presented The Frenchie, a new sandwich that combines natural salami and capicola with hand-cut provolone and salted butter in a freshly baked French baguette.

How big is a 16 inch sandwich?

On Monday, Jimmy Johns announced the introduction of a major menu update with a new 16-inch sandwich size. The quirky big sandwich option lives up to its HUGE name and is literally like eating two of the JJs who settled the original parts.

How much do you tip a bellboy at Jimmy Johns?

I argue that the usual 20% tip in these situations is as little as $ 1.40 for a $ 7 sandwich due to the costs and risks associated with servicing a vehicle. Local drivers tell me $ 23 is the norm for a single delivery.

How much does a sign on the subway cost?

Subway Food Prices

How Big is Jimmy John’s Little John?

A spokesperson for Jimmy Johns said Little Johns was about half the size of an original sandwich and added about four inches. (Editor’s note: The same spokesperson later clarified that Little Johns is actually 6.5 inches tall.

What is a Jimmy John’s Little John?

How much does a Jimmy John’s BLT cost?

Jimmy John’s Menu

What’s in a Jimmy John Lunchbox?

Packed Lunch Includes: 8 Sandwiches, French Fries, Cookies and Pickle Skewer Confirmation Email.

What brand of cucumber does Jimmy John use?

Jimmy John’s Kosher Pickles, PickleLicious!

What is a Jimmy John Smart Sandwich?

The company still sells Slims, an 8- or 16-inch bread-based children’s sandwich that is served without vegetables. An 8-inch sandwich contains 460 to 670 calories. Another low calorie alternative from Jimmy Johns is Unwich, a breadless salad sandwich.

What’s wrong with a giant Jimmy Johns?

How many calories does JJ Gargantuan have?

JJ Gargantuan (8 in grain to 9 grain) contains 1230 calories, 67g of fat, 16g of saturated fat, 76g of carbohydrates, 14g of sugar, 83g of protein and 3730mg of sodium. Here are some other tips for customizing a healthier submarine at Jimmy Johns: Get your panties out.

Why did Jimmy Johns change the menu?

The company introduced new menu items to soothe the dining experience, tested new technologies to enhance the guest experience, and changed its media schedule to Jimmy John’s Freaky Fresh! Fast as lightning! Gospel. This environment forces you to react differently, North says.

What is Jimmy John’s French?

Jimmy John’s Frenchie Sandwich features natural salami and capicola, provolone and salted butter on a baguette. Ready and packed around the clock so you can get started quickly. I bought one for € 4.99.

How big is a normal submarine?

Normal is 7 inches while the giant is 15 inches!

What song is an empty turkey from Jimmy John’s?

Does Jimmy John have feet?

Fast forward to today, and a $ 5 (or less) foot option remains on the menus. Not with Subway, but with one of the competitors, Jimmy Johns.

How much does the giant weigh?

Jimmy Johns Sandwich Sizes