Jicama En Ingles

Jicama En Ingles

How do you say jicama in French? 3

I have an American friend who loves Jakama. He taught me to say yam in English

Similarly called, jÃÂcama, for example:

Jack Hammer

Gecko, also known as the Mexico Act, belongs to Central America and Mexico, where it is an important food. Like atoes, yams grow as underground tubers. It is covered in fine bromine and has strong roots. Inside, you'll find meat that looks apple or raw. Raw Jakama is sweet, juicy and crispy, and is a great vegetable snack. When cooked lightly, it softens but retains its crispness, like water oak.


Find strong, dry roots with clean sibling skin. Avoid injury Jakama.

Storage space:

Store in a plastic bag in a cool place for 2 weeks.

Usage and preparation:

I just need it

Eat it raw for breakfast.

Use for frying.


Throughout the year.

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Jicama in english


Jicama En Ingles