Jesus Wept Hellraiser

Jesus Wept Hellraiser

What did Frank mean by Jesus' weeping? 3

Then, at the end of the motion, Frank (as Larry) tells the line that Jesus wept when he left Seattle.

I wonder what this line means.

This is the clip (be careful with the graphics)

This is a wiki quote about Jesus crying:

Layers cry because Christ was really a real man, with real actions (such as tears, sweat, blood, food and drink; note, for comparison, what Jesus emphasized during the afterlife). Emotions and reactions are real. Christ is not an illusion or a spirit.

I think it could be Frank who compares himself to his son despite being separated.

Clear farmer

Jesus is said to have wept because he compared his suffering to that of Jesus, who felt inferior. So he almost laughed. Pinhead made a statement that his plight would be "legendary" and Pinhead kept saying. To answer your question, compare their pain with Jesus' pain and believe that Jesus overcame that pain too.

Jesus cried?

Jesus Wept Hellraiser