Jennifer's Body Quotes

Jennifer's Body Quotes

Dating on nny jennifers and? ۔

Do you remember Nanny's quote about Jennifers? I saw it today, but I have a bad memory.

I remember

Where are you on Monsanto?

You need a bad guy. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

You are very observant, this is not your lemon jelly and you don't even know it.

What is wrong?

It smells like Thai food. Are they in love

I use Bao Flex.

I go both ways.

You are all that

Do you remember another NN / random reference?

Sorry if this is repetitive, I'm just copying and pasting my notes. Enjoy

This is from IMDB:

[From trailer]

Needed Lesson: I only teach you.

Jennifer Check: I go both ways.

[From trailer]

Jennifer Check: I need you without mercy.

[From trailer]

Chip Doo: I can take care of myself. I use a flexible bow.

[From trailer]

Homosexuality in need: Jennifer is meaningful.

Chip Tobey: I know.

Homosexuality in Need: No, I mean, it's really bad. Not difficult

[From trailer]

Jennifer Check: You need a bad manicure. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

[From trailer]

Jennifer Chek: It smells like Thai food. is that you *******?

[From trailer]

Gay: Are you guys?

Jennifer Confirmation: No, I'm a man.

[From trailer]

Nikolai Wolf: I also think it's important to greet your fans in some areas.

[From trailer]

Homosexual: I'll kill you if needed.

Jennifer Check: Well, you can barely finish PE.

Homosexuals in need: You are best friends. You stole my toys when you were little. You put soda on my bed.

Jennifer Check: And now I'm going to eat your friend. At least I'm consistent.

Gay: [opening line] is a teenager.

Jennifer Check: I'm skeptical!

Homosexual: [last line] And sometimes you can be lucky in your miserable life.

Nutritionist: Just toast, right?

Gay: I like toast.

Nutritionist: That's great. But I'm not sure that deception can keep you active all day long. I recommend more complex carbs.

[The needy kicked the nutritionist so hard that he flew to several tables to get R]

Lesbians in need: I advise you, be quiet!

[Inside is like a nutritionist]

Jennifer Check: [Grebe Needs] It's kind of smart, you point it in the right direction and the mess becomes real.

Jennifer Check: I think the singer loves me.

Homosexual in need: Just because he thinks you are. I heard him speak.

Jennifer Check: Yes, it is. Thanks Roman, I'm not silent anymore. By the way, * sick *. I couldn't even go to the flag the next day. I had to sit on a bag of frozen peas.

Jennifer Check: I just bought Aqua Marine on DVD. She's a little sushi girl. Must be a file or something.

Jennifer Check: [After stabbing and bleeding] Do you have?

LASINK as needed: [Colin asks Jennifer] Very good Collins.

Jennifer Check: Listen to the rock bugs. Use nail polish. Mine is his

Nikolai Wolf: Did you know that it's hard to be part of a band these days? We're all so funny and it looks like you don't have a letterman or a soundtrack, right? Is our only PE

This is what my friends and I remember from dating (maybe not at all):

Jennifer Check: Panic

Jennifer Check: It's very salty.

Chip: I'm not jealous.

Jennifer Check: It's you, you're so careful you're like lime green jelly and you didn't even notice.

Needed lysine: I either didn't use it or I was thirsty.

Girl in Cl: Where? This letter is not o. it's fine. It's on Wikipedia.

Jennifer Check: You made me very wet.

Jennifer Check: An excellent hair agent.

Nikolai Wolf: Would you like to be a Marvin 5 man?

Jennifer Checking: Monday.

Homosexual: No, your heart.

Jennifer Check: Do you always buy your own? You are so stupid

Homosexuality in need: OK, apply it.

Jennifer Check: I was playing with the waitress.

Jennifer Chek: [to the needy] French fries are lovely these days. I'm sure he has a big thumb. What is history doing there?

Jennifer Check: There is no such thing. It was a lie invented by the Boerian media to drive girls crazy.

(During discussion)

Jennifer Check: OMG, directly to the organization.

Needed lysine: Jennifer says the lead singer is very salty.

Chip: Salty?

Needed lysine: Salt means beautiful.

Chip: Must be soy sauce.

(Amanda Seyfried Terrible Noise) Scarf.

Amanda Seyfried: The French thing!

Jennifer's Body Quotes