Jeffersons Theme Song Lyrics

Jeffersons Theme Song Lyrics

Looking for a remix of Jefferson Theme? 3

I'm looking for a remix of Jefferson's theme song with lyrics. I tried a piece of cake and finished. I googled it but couldn't find anything ... it was 5 years ago. Please help yourself! Thank you very much.

This song is from Baltimore, so if you're not from here, most people probably wouldn't know it ... Are you from Baltimore?

This is for:

Now take a break

We moved

East Side

s on the way to a luxury apartment

We change (change)

East Side

Finally we have a piece of cake.

[Verse 1]

Watch them come and take them

I know who you are

Get up from the wall

And put your feet on the ground.

You saw the boy in the bar with such a big GL

When I've finished Baby Doggy.

I love you baltimore

Let's go to the party now.

Bakardi gave me more.

It's off the club's full shelf.

I was cut like two doors.

Of course I took my double step

Give them a lot

I knew myself badly.

I put ashes in my cup.

I'm sick of bad drinkers.

You see, I dropped the girl.

My arms are around this game.

Get started

I must have the right to look after myself if we are working.

So baby, stop dealing with it

I have a drink and smoke.

I have nothing to buy.

Don't brag

Who will understand me

I like my RD.

I exploded in this cashmere.

Everything else and you know why I came.

Currently lost

Let me dance

[OK x2]

What do parents say?

I celebrate like this is my day.

Drink and I'm still thirsty.

And now give me what I have found

This is my car for us.

[Verse 2]

I have come to take off my load.

So take off your coat

Mix the drink you made.

J.O. and Smirnov

I drink everything

Hey, what can I say?

Look, I just got it, so I took a sip

And I'm trying to get.

I bought a drink and they liked it.

Devas are getting cheaper.

Ochi Scholarship and Ochi Beat

Take points from my cousin.

He does not know how to act

Came straight from the forest

And the club with the bag

As if what you don't know is good.

But I know that I

The sandals are off the counter.

You can't help but clap

I can't escape the boogie

Let me go but don't hurry

We are deep

And everyone is tired.

All my 80 years call me Solaris.

How are you

Now add your eight cents.

That's enough for ht.

Let's take a coffee break.

Let's leave the cake.

You are not enjoying your life.

Hey we work all week

We will

Follow, keep going

[OK x2]

[Verse 3]

All my boys from the east have brought you.

Get out because we celebrate until the law comes.

Are these people screaming about where they are from?

I also represent

They play the game.

Watch me play Ws (West Side)

Eighty tubes are screaming.

I swear it's okay.

I don't know where to park now.

And I'm inside

An hour in Baltimore

I bet you will never give up.

Boy, I know I can't help but love these walks.

Come on (finally get one)

Come on, come on (finally we)

Now let's go (finally got the part)

Come on, come on (finally we)

Wow now (finally)

Come on, come on (finally take a piece of cake)

That's what parents say

I celebrate like this is my day.

Drink and I'm still thirsty.

Moon on Up Remix

Blue and St. Lunatics can be defeated.

For Nelly, they ask him to kill her.

Jeffersons Theme Song Lyrics