Jawohl Mein Führer

Jawohl Mein Führer

What do you mean, my lord? 3

I love Calvin and BBs, and it appears in one of the quotes. I'm curious, what does that mean? I know it's German, but what does it literally mean?

Definitely friends!


Surely (firmly), my lord. Using the fact that it has a deep connection to sm, which some might say in context (Der Führer) commands, it could mean that a character is like a dictator. Behaves

Yes (especially), my boss.

Since it is closely related to sm, one would say that if he obeyed Der Führer's orders in context, it could mean that a character behaves like a dictator.

Direct means

Yes my boss

However, it is commonly used in two ways:

A) Satire

B) Deals with difficult and difficult tasks. (Yes, I will tell you).

Jawohl Mein Führer