Definition of Jar:

  1. Rigid container with a wide mouth.

  2. A wide-mouthed cylindrical container made of glass or pottery and typically having a lid, used especially for storing food.

Origin of word Jar

Late 17th century later form of obsolete char ‘turn’ (see also ajar and charwoman).

Synonyms of Jar

Earthenware container, Glass container, Pot, Crock, Urn, Pitcher, Jug, Flask, Decanter, Carafe, Flagon, Ewer, Drum, Canister, Babel, Discordia, Eris, Agitate, Agitation, Agree to disagree, Bag, Barrel, Basket, Be at cross-purposes, Be at variance, Belch, Blare, Blat, Bob, Bobble, Bottle, Bounce, Bowl down, Bowl over, Box, Box up, Bray, Break, Break off, Bump, Burr, Buzz, Cackle, Calabash, Can, Canteen, Capsule, Carafe, Carboy, Carton, Case, Cask, Caster, Caw, Chatter, Chirr, Clamor, Clang, Clangor, Clank, Clash, Clashing, Collide, Collision, Concussion, Conflict, Contention, Contradict, Counter, Crash, Crate, Craunch, Croak, Cruet, Crump, Crunch, Cruse, Decanter, Demijohn, Didder, Differ, Differ in opinion, Disaccord, Disaffinity, Disagree, Discombobulate, Discompose, Disconcert, Discord, Discordance, Discordancy, Disharmony, Disquiet, Dissent, Disturb, Disturbance, Dither, Do up, Electrify, Encase, Encyst, Enmity, Ewer, Falter, Fifth, Flacon, Flagon, Flask, Flasket, Fluctuation, Flurry, Fluster, Flutter, Friction, Frighten, Fuss, Gourd, Grate, Grate on, Grimace, Grind, Groan, Growl, Grumble, Hamper, Harshness, Have an ague, Hipflask, Hit a clinker, Hold opposite views, Hot-water bottle, Hustle, Incompatibility, Incompatibleness, Inharmoniousness, Inharmony, Irritate, Jactitate, Jangle, Jangle the nerves, Jar on, Jerk, Jeroboam, Jig, Jigget, Jiggle, Jog, Joggle, Jolt, Jostle, Jounce, Jug, Jump, Lota, Magnum, Mere noise, Mischief, Mismatch, Mismate, Misunderstand one another, Mussuk, Negate, Noise, Noncooperation, Not get along, Object, Olla, Open conflict, Pack, Package, Parcel, Perturb, Phial, Pot, Pull different ways, Put on edge, Put up, Quake, Quaver, Quiver, Rasp, Rattle, Rictus, Rock, Rub, Ruffle, Sack, Scranch, Scrape, Scratch, Scrunch, Shake, Shake up, Shiver, Shock, Shudder, Smash, Snarl, Snore, Stagger, Start, Startle, Stir, Stoup, Strained relations, Stun, Sway, Take aback, Tank, Tension, Tic, Tin, Tremble, Tremor, Trouble, Turn, Twang, Twitch, Twitter, Unharmoniousness, Unpleasantness, Unsettle, Unstring, Untune, Upset, Vacuum bottle, Vary, Vial, Vibrate, Vibration, Wobble

How to use Jar in a sentence?

  1. A large storage jar.

Meaning of Jar & Jar Definition