Japanese Names Meaning Snow

Japanese Names Meaning Snow

Nineteen girl's name which means snow

I'm trying to tell a manga story about a girl who was left in the snow. So the woman found him and changed his name to Snow and Balla Balla.

So please help me find the ANESE name with Snow.

If it's not snow, then it's about the region.

Thank you very much!

Yoko: Winter Baby (fooYEWkoh)

iko: Winter Baby (keKIHkoh)

facemi: Frost Beauty (FOOrsetomMEE)

Miaki: Snow (mihYEWkee)

Miyaweko: Beautiful Snow Maiden (mihYEWkihkoh)

Ren: Severe cold (Ren poetry with tons)

Setsuko: Snow Boy (saytZOOKoh)

Setsmy: Snow Beauty (saytZOOKmee)

Shimonami: Snow Wave (Shimona MEE)

Yuki: Snow

Yuki: Maruf (YEWkieh)

Yukiko: Snow Boy (YEWkihko)

Yukimi: Snow White (YEWkihmih)

Snow mobile phone girl

Yuki which means good luck / ice (¹¸ ¹¸ / © ª) is an aniseed name.

Yukiko means son of snow / son of happiness (¸¸à ¸¸à  / © ªà ÂÂ) The name of the donkey.

Heavy snowfall in Hiroshima (Anesthesia)

Siphon Snowflakes (Nineteen)

The name Setsuna Anisin can be written using the letters Setsuna meaning snow (Setsu) and calm (no). Other options are ice (satsu) and green (na)

Japanese Names Meaning Snow