Japan needs 8000 IT workers in 2021

Japan needs 8000 IT workers in 2021

According to the ministry of foreign affairs Japan needs 8000 IT workers in coming year as a large number of old Japanese citizens are working in offices and Japan is curiously searching young workers to run its offices , hospitals and administrable affairs .we are sending 8000 IT workers to Japan in next few months said Zulfi Bukhari in an interview to BBC.

I.T is a hopeful l for so many unemployed IT engineers, web developers, content managers and also content writers .According to statistics Pakistani people living and working in Japan are less in number as compared to other countries .For example concentration of Pakistani workers in gulf estates is in millions while in Japan only some thousand Pakistani workers are living and working.

Japan has good salary rate ,friendly environment and have no religious restrictions then why people do not prefer Japan to go and work ?One greatest reason is the language barrier , unavailability of halal food and unawareness of Japanese culture and lifestyle.

Japan prefer Pakistani workers

Why Japan prefer Pakistani workers as compared to Indian workers ?India is a big IT market where salary and wages are according to the international market while Pakistan can provide these experts on a very low wages but it will still be a blessing for Pakistani unemployed youth as they can get much better positions as in Japan as compared to Pakistan.

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