James Arness Height

James Arness Height

Are Clint Walker, James Arens and CH Connors tall?

Clint Walker Height 66 (1.98 m) 81 years old is still alive

James Arns height 66 (1.98 m) 85 years old still remains

Ch Conners Height 6 5 (1.96 m) (h 10/11/92 (71 years)


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How tall are Clint Walker, James Arens and CH Connors?

James Arnis 6 7

Clint Walker 6 6

Ch Corners 6 5

James Arens Heights

w James Arens is great

James Arens on June 3, 2011

By the way, James Arens was the only one still alive. You can text him through his website, I think he's 86 now, but he reads all your emails and can't always answer them.

James Arness Height