Jaded Mandarin

Jaded Mandarin

What are the tangerines in the superstar Jesus Christ? ۔

Judas calls Jesus a mandarin, what does that mean?


At this point in Jesus Christ, superstar Judas uses the word de as an adjective to mean tired or exhausted. Change the adjective (statement). The word mandarin is a name that explains why Judas called Jesus mandarin when he died.

What does Judas mean by calling Jesus a mandarin? He goes back to the cultural history of the East and the Middle East. In the traditional ranks of this government, for example, there used to be officials called Mandarins. They want intellectuals as government employees, claiming that even the most powerful people in government are intelligent. In this context, Judas refers to the Chinese Jesus. Judas means that Jesus was a wise and powerful man in the Eastern sense. That is why the adjective D is important. There was a strong, wise man who was tired and no longer strong.

Judas meant that the superstar became Jesus at this stage of Jesus Christ: a mandarin, a father who was tired.

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Jaded Mandarin