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  1. After receiving his PhD in chemical engineering from the University of Wisconsin at Urbana-Champaign, Welch began working for GE as a junior engineer in 1960, but would eventually run the company as chairman and CEO between 1981 – 2001. Welch almost left the company on a number of occasions in his early years of employment, citing bureaucratic inefficiency in the way the company was run. But as chairman and CEO, Welch worked to eliminate bureaucracy and increase growth. He was known for firing unproductive managers and eliminating whole divisions within the company, then acquiring other companies and driving them to better management and increased profits for GE.

  2. Jack Welch was the chairman and CEO of General Electric (GE) from 1981 - 2001. Welch expanded the company, leading it to a dramatically increased market value from $14 billion to $410 billion under his leadership. Welch had a reputation as one of the top CEOs of all time, and Fortune magazine dubbed him Manager of the Century in 1999. When Welch left the company, he was given a severance payment estimated at between $417-$420 million, which was the largest severance payment ever at the time. Welch died on March 1, 2020, at the age of 84 years old.

  3. Jack Welch was the CEO and chairman of General Electric between 1981 and 2001 and is known as being one of the most powerful business leaders. His management skills and competitive nature drew in many admirers and caused GE to become an incredibly dynamic and successful company.

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